The Best George Strait Songs of All Time

George StraitGeorge Strait is King of Country Music.

I’ll say it again and again – he’s the best. Ok – you don’t have to agree he’s the best, but he is my personal favorite country artist of all time.

George Strait’s been able to consistently record and release the best country music for 30 or so years now and he’s showing no signs of letting up. His early singles were great. His current singles are great.

What I love about George’s mentality (and it appears to have never changed) is he wants to record songs in a fashion that allows him to sing them nearly perfect during live shows. That simple approach is a huge revelation. George looks to record songs with catchy melodies that have even more meat when you look at the lyrics. He’s the master at finding ways to make songs appealing while still allowing himself to sing them live so they’re recognizable to fans. Genius.

What does the future hold for George Strait? I have no idea. It seems though he’s always looking for the next challenge. Recently he started writing songs again with his son, Bubba, and a few of them showed up on the last album. Those songs were great.

I love making lists as you can see from the sidebar. I thought it necessary to rank the best George Strait songs of all time.

It’s my own personal ranking. I’ll do my best to back it up, but please chime in with your own thoughts.

George Strait Songs

50. I Hate Everything

This song was destined to become a number one hit no matter what. I Hate Everything was the only single off George’s 50 Number Ones album and of course the guys marketing the song had to make sure it came in as #51. You can’t have a true #1’s album with all the tracks hitting the top. The song is great besides that point also. It’s about a guy that has a chat with another guy in a bar one night. The other guy is down on his luck. He hates life. His wife left him and he just can’t get over his disappointment in life. The main guy hears all of this and at the end call his wife and thanks her for everything. A lesson learned.

I Hate Everything

49. Adalida

George cranked up the twang even for him on this fun song. This song is rip-roaring and full throttle through to the last note. The song is about a little Cajun queen. Every artist has to have the namesake song about a woman and this is one of George’s. It’s completely full of hooks and fun lyrics. I remember loving this one as a kid.


48. Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa

I believe Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa is a hidden gem in George’s collection of hit songs. The song failed to crack into the top ten on the charts, but it’s so well written and executed I had to include it on this list. The song is about a guy that knows he needs to end things officially with a girl back in Tulsa. He just can’t bring himself to get over her though. He’s asking anybody around to tell him something bad about Tulsa so he won’t go back into her arms again. A familiar song topic with a fresh, unique approach.

Tell Me Something Bad About Tulsa

47. We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This

George can kick out the fun, up tempo song every once and a while and he did so with We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This. The song is all about having a good time. The swinging beat makes you want to get up and dance around the room. Sure the song is about a love affair, but it’s a fun affair.

We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This

46. The Cowboy Rides Away

George Strait is a cowboy. He loves his ranch and he loves roping with his son. The song The Cowboy Rides Away is about a cowboy riding away from a failed relationship. He and his gal have been through it all and they just can’t work things out. It’s time for the cowboy to ride away. George often uses this song to end his show and in the right setting he’ll do a lap around the arena on a horse and wave goodbye to the fans. There isn’t a more authentic guy to do that in country today.

The Cowboy Rides Away

45. A Fire I Can’t Put Out

Here is another classic song about a woman from George. A Fire I Can’t Put Out sees George playing the role of a guy that can’t let the memory of a woman escape him. He can’t let go of the feeling that felt so good when he was with her. He knows he has to move on and find someone new, but he just can’t let the fire that burns for his former lover go. It’s a struggle sometimes when we can’t escape someone. Can we ever move on?

A Fire I Can’t Put Out

44. Fool Hearted Memory

The incredible feat of George Strait is the amount of number one hits he has. There are more than fifty number one hits on a few charts combined and the stat is still climbing. It all started back with Fool Hearted Memory – still one of his best songs of all time. The song is about a guy that can’t get over the fact that he’s lost a girl for good. A classic story told well by one of the greatest storytellers in country history.

Fool Hearted Memory

43. You Look So Good In Love

This track is told by a guy looking at his lost love fall in love with another guy. The song is a bit sad as the narrator realizes just how happy and good his former gal looks now that she’s fallen in true love. He feels  sorry for himself that he wasn’t the one to make her happy, but part of him realizes it wasn’t meant to be. George doesn’t like making videos and I think he gets razzed a bit for this one. It was one of his early videos if not the first one and it sure showed, but it’s always fun to look back and have a laugh at ourselves.

You Look So Good In Love

42. Baby Blue

George can sing a love song like no one else. For Baby Blue he sings about a girl that got away. Her eyes were sweet, sweet baby blue and she was a great lady. The two of them had the time of his life together and now she’s gone. He tries not to think of her too much because it makes him sad. Each of us probably has the one that got away at some point in our lives. And for those of us that got lucky – hold on to your Baby Blue and don’t let her get away.

Baby Blue

41. So Much Like My Dad

This slow to mid-tempo song takes a look at the relationship between a father and a son. In the song George actually plays the part of the son begging his mom for assistance. He wants to know what his dad always said to make his mom stay. It’s a little sad and a story without an ending. Being a son myself I relate to this song mostly for its title. I have a great dad and the more I grow up the more I realize how much like him I am and that couldn’t make me happier. People have always said how much I look like my Dad, but I’ve always thought it more important to simply be like him – kind, generous, and selfless. I think kids look to their parents as role models. If we can take some of the good from each we’ll all be alright.

Baby Blue

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