50 Good Country Songs

These are the top 50 good country songs. This collection will make for a knee slapping good time the next time you’re in for a long drive or hanging out in the backyard with some buddies.

Turn these up loud and have a good time. It’s the top 50 good country songs.

Good Country Songs

50) One Way Ticket (Because I Can) – LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn RimesThis track has remained one of Rimes’ most popular hits. One Way Ticket continually finds its way to radio playlists. The tune is catchy and fun to sing along with. Everybody must get a good feeling when they hear it come on the radio. There might be nothing better than wanting to throw everything away that’s in the past and set out west with a one way ticket to a new life. Throw it all away and start a new life. LeAnn Rimes will cash that ticket with you.

One Way Ticket (Because I Can)

49) Lookin’ For A Good Time – Lady Antebellum

Lady AntebellumLady Antebellum was only on their second single when they released the free spirited tune Lookin’ For A Good Time. The song marked the legitimate success of the country band that sounded different from anything else on radio. Country has long had a history of songs about one night stands and having a good time while living for today. Lady A updated the appeal of the lifestyle and the result was this top 15 hit in 2008. It’s a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head and has you smiling no matter what you’re doing. It also makes for a good pickup line if you’re so inclined.

Lookin’ For A Good Time

48) A Matter Of Time – Jason Sellers

Most of you may not recognize this track but it made it into the 30s on the charts back in 1999 and 2000. A Matter Of Time was as single released by the ultra talented singer and songwriter Jason Sellers. The track is about falling in love and it’s super catchy and fun to sing along with. While you may not recognize Jason as a singer you’ll surely recognize some of the songs he’s written: Some People Change, I Still Miss You, You Can’t Hide Beautiful, and more. Sometimes great songs get hidden back on the edge of the charts even if they deserve recognition. That’s why A Matter Of Time is found here.

A Matter Of Time

A Matter Of Time

47) My Town – Montgomery Gentry

Montgomery GentryMontgomery Gentry has had some big country hits. They’re two good ‘ol boys born and raised with country in their veins. These guys are the real deal. They like drinking liquor, hunting, and partying. Back in 2002 the guys released one of their most popular songs – My Town. The song is about the guys’ hometowns, but the lyrics keep things vague enough that everybody listening to the track can take ownership of their own hometowns. Country fans are proud of where they come from and they support their hometown colors every chance they get. Songs like My Town make you proud to sing out and cheer for the hometown team while remembering those good times.

My Town

46) Brand New Man – Brooks & Dunn

Brooks & DunnBrooks & Dunn burst out onto the scene in 1991 and from their first single they made it clear to the country world that they were on a mission to change the direction of country music. The song was Brand New Man and from the opening lyrics you could tell that these guys meant business. The song kicks into high gear with the guys belting out the notes to a tune about turning over a new leaf for the love of a woman. The guys went on to have one of the biggest careers in country music history. Brand New Man remains one of their most played and requested song.

Brand New Man

45) Nothin’ To Lose – Josh Gracin

Josh GracinJosh Gracin came from the talent-laced show American Idol, but he proved everybody that there was mass appeal for country singers. Josh quickly found success in his preferred genre after he released his debut album in 2004. The second track from the set was Nothin’ To Lose and it was a rocking 2 minute track that left listeners needing to take a breath. The song moves through the lyrics with a nonstop approach and boy are they fun to sing along with. The tune is about letting go of your worries and taking the plunge. It doesn’t matter what you’re actually plunging into but it can be anything with the potential to make your life better. Go on. You’ve got nothin’ to lose.

Nothin’ To Lose

44) Jukebox Junkie – Ken Mellons

Ken Mellons is one of those one hit wonders that pops up every once and a while in country. His big hit was the 1994’s Jukebox Junkie. His voice sounds familiar but you won’t recognize it was Toby Keith or Mark Chesnutt. This is all Ken Mellons and his voice is pure honky tonk. The song is about spending money on the jukebox all for the love of good country music. Since that’s exactly what this collection of country songs was all about I felt like I needed to include it right here.

Jukebox Junkie

43) Six Pack Summer – Phil Vassar

Phil VassarUh-oh, it’s favorite country performer Phil Vassar showing up on the list with his great country song Six Pack Summer. Starting in 1999 this former songwriter was able to turn in some big hits of his own. In 2001 he released the summer song Six Pack Summer and fans were loving it. The song is catchy and includes some great images like playing the drums on the dashboard of the car to the beat of your favorite country song. This track itself is truly a song that makes you think about the good things in your life. So kick back and tap right along to this tune.

Six-Pack Summer

42) Islands In the Stream – Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers got together in 1983 for a powerhouse country and pop duet. The song was Islands In The Stream and it took America by storm. Fans of all genres loved it and sent the song to the top spot on the country and pop charts. Written by the BeeGees Islands In The Stream put together catchy pop melodies and together with the country vocals of Rogers and Parton it made for a great country song. The tune is one of country’s best duets as well as being regarded as one of country’s biggest songs of all time. Simply a great country song.

Islands In The Stream

41) Heartland – George Strait

George StraitThe movie Pure Country came out in 1992 and it became a successful country music movie as well as spawning a great soundtrack with big hits from star George Strait. The track Heartland kicked things off and set the tone for the movie and the soundtrack. The rousing tune is about the country in America and how amazing and awe-inspiring it all is. The song remains popular nearly 20 years after first hitting radio. Fans can’t get enough of good country songs like this one. Fans are even treated to George Strait’s son Bubba on the track as he does his best impression of his dad. An overall great track and true good country song.


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