Good Guys – Bucky Covington [Album Review]

Good GuysBucky Covington is an interesting figure in country music.

He first appeared on the scene with his performance on American Idol. Shortly after exiting the show with a big fanbase Bucky got a call from Mark Miller of Sawyer Brown and the two went to the studio. The result was a great first record that included three hit singles.

Bucky was on his way. More singles followed and they were actually really good, but Disney decided to shutter Lyric Street Records and Bucky found himself (along with Rascal Flatts, SHEDaisy, Josh Gracin and others) without a deal.

It’s been a few years since Bucky has been in the country spotlight, but he’s back now and things are looking good. He teamed with eOne Entertainment and has a new album out just this week. The first single from the album charted on the country singles charts and the second single, a duet with Shooter Jennings, has been a big hit on the charts and on the video channels.

Here are my thoughts on the new record and what might lie ahead for Bucky.

Good Guys – Bucky Covington

Without calling Bucky an outlaw I will say that he’s always kind of gone his own way in life. You may have heard about his mischievous past and all that. It seems Bucky just doesn’t like to do what other people are doing. He wants to do things his way. I think it’s for this reason that he teamed with Shooter Jennings for a cut on this record.

Here is my track-by-track feedback on each of the new songs.

1. I Wanna Be That Feeling

Here is Bucky’s first single from eOne Entertainment. It’s a good song. You can tell right away that’s it’s Bucky on the recording. The song entered the charts, but didn’t become a huge hit. It’s a good song, though, and a great way to kick off this record. It’s all about those feelings in life.

2. I’m Alright

Bucky certainly has a country voice. I love the way this song starts out. You hear that wailing in the instruments kicking off the track and then Bucky comes in with his signature vocals. It’s a good song. I really like this one.

3. Hold A Woman

Bucky gets a little romantic on this track. The sound reminds me of Billy Currington. It’s a really good song. Again, it’s different. You don’t always hear this kind of song from Bucky, but that’s what makes him great. He’s always willing to try something new and different. He keeps people guessing and you never know what kind of song will hit on radio. Maybe it’s this one.

4. Drinking Side of Country (Shooter Jennings)

This is a great track. You have Shooter Jennings joining in to really get things kicking. If you like to raise a little hell this is your soundtrack. People are pretty safe in country music these days. We need a few hell raisers and I think these are two of the best. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have Kellie Pickler on the video.

5. Only Got So Much Time

I like this kind of track. It’s middle of the road, but the sound just makes you feel good. I’ve personally been trying to live life more on the happy side. There is only so much time here so why waste it complaining. I know I’m not the first to say it. Great song here. It’s probably my favorite on the entire album.

6. Mama Must Be Prayin’

Here’s another rocking tune. Again, Bucky is out raising hell and having a good time. Hey, we’ve only got so much time. Why not enjoy it.

7. Sail On

Things slow down on this one. Bucky looks back on his life and realizes that sometimes you just have to move on. If you want to live on in life you have to get past all the regrets you might have. Remember them, but don’t let them hold you back from being great in the future.

8. I Always Said You’d Be Back

It’s an in your face track. It’s fun. It’s uptempo. It’s a great country song. I like it.

9. Mexicoma

Things get really off base on this track. Bucky is heading down to Mexico. It’s an interesting track. I don’t know if it’s a little too out there. It’s something.

10. I Want My Life Back

This was the first single from Bucky’s unreleased second record. The single climbed near the top thirty on the charts. It was a great single and things were looking really good for Bucky heading into the year. Unfortunately things didn’t work out. Now it’s great to see that the song made it to this new record. After a few years the fans finally have three songs on a proper record.

11. Gotta Be Somebody

This song was always kind of a wildcard. It was the second release for what was to be Bucky’s second record. The song is a cover of Nickelback. It’s a good version and Bucky’s fans loved it, but it was just a little too different for the mainstream audience. But that’s something Bucky is always willing to do – take chances.

12. A Father’s Love (The Only Way He Knew How)

This is the third and final song from a previous unreleased album included on this set. Again, it’s really great that Bucky was able to release these songs on a proper album. This one is a great song. It was a pretty big hit on the charts. It’s one people will remember and connect with once they hear it again. A great way to finish off a pretty good record.

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