Amazing Eyes by Good Old War

Good Old War

Good Old War

Good Old War is a band I hadn’t ever heard about before. If this is your first time hearing them then go into this song with open ears. You might just like what you hear.

Amazing Eyes – Good Old War

Amazing Eyes is a simple love song. It’s about those amazing eyes women tend to have. They capture our attention and we get sucked in and can’t get away. There is just something about that one girl out there meant for us. We get lost in her and it seems like her eyes have control of us. It’s kind of cliche to sing or talk about the eyes of a woman, but this song works.

You can definitely hear the indie band in the Good Old War. They have the small town sound. It’s soft and almost a little eery. It’s an interesting sound and there certainly isn’t anything like it out on the mainstream country scene.

Now as I look through their history I see that Good Old War has been on CMT before. They had a song released from their latest album and that’s a pretty good track as well. These guys are unique. Their songs are catchy. Those are two important things. People look for something different, but not that different from time to time. The one constant that needs to be there is the catchiness of the song. I think Good Old War might have that quality.

I’m not sure if Amazing Eyes will become a hit. It probably won’t, but Good Old War has something interesting. Future singles might have a chance on the country charts.

What do you think?

CML Points: 75/100

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