The 50 Best Goodbye Songs Part 2

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Goodbye Songs Part 2

40. Diggin’ Up Bones – Randy Travis

Diggin’ Up Bones is an upbeat and catchy tune from the great Randy Travis. The song is about a guy that’s going through all the things he and his former lover accumulated over their years together. There are pictures, jewelery and many other things that mark their history together. He’s digging through these old bones and remembering the times they had together all while trying to get over the loss he’s suffering from. It’s a well written song that’s performed even better from one of country’s legends.

Listen to and download Diggin’ Up Bones

39. A Picture of Me (Without You) – George Jones and Lorrie Morgan

In 1991 Lorrie Morgan took a classic George Jones song to the top ten on the charts. Both versions of the song receive huge airplay even to this day. There is passion and emotion in both performances. The song actually comes across as a love song, but I’ve included it on this list as a goodbye song for it’s you don’t know what you have ’til it’s gone lyric. I’ve always interpreted this track as one where a person is letting their former lover know that they’re lost without them. They’ve screwed up and want things to go back to the way they were. Most will say the song is about a lover expressing their live, but I’ll always see it as a goodbye song.

A Picture Of Me (Without You) – George Jones

A Picture Of Me (Without You) – Lorrie Morgan

38. A Lesson in Leavin’ – Jo Dee Messina and Dottie West

Dottie West originally took this song to the top spot on the country charts in 1980. In 1999 country superstar Jo Dee Messina covered the song with a sassy version and took it to #2 on the charts. A woman has been scorned and tricked by a man. He’s the kind woman think they can change. For some reason they’re drawn to him even though he’s the leaving kind. The woman in the story knows she ain’t going back to him and that someday karma will catch up with him and he’ll get a taste of his own leaving medicine.

Lesson In Leavin’ – Jo Dee Messina

A Lesson In Leavin’ – Dottie West

37. What Kinda Gone – Chris Cagle

Chris CagleWhat Kinda Gone is an uptempo tune from country rocker Chris Cagle. The song shot straight to the top three on the charts after its release. It’s a song about a guy that sees his woman leave him. She’s tell him she’s gone and he can’t come to terms with what kind of gone she really means. He’s not sure if she’s coming back but as time passes and she doesn’t return he’s starting to think he screwed up big this time and that she’s not coming back at all. It’s a great song with a common theme most deal with in rocky relationships.

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36. I Didn’t Know My Own Strength – Lorrie Morgan

Lorrie Morgan is perhaps one of the most underrated female artists in country music history. She’s often forgotten discussions of artists that had a impact on music. Her songs in the late ’80s into the ’90s was powerful and certainly proved memorable to fans. I Didn’t Know My Own Strength is a song about a woman learning that she has the strength to get over a man. A relationship has ended and the narrator in this story isn’t sure she can overcome the man she’s depended on for so long. Realizing that you may be better without someone has to be an empowering feeling. This song is a great one as sung by one of the best of all time.

Listen to and download I Didn’t Know My Own Strength

35. Goodbye Time – Conway Twitty and Blake Shelton

Blake SheltonGoodbye Time is about a guy coming to realize he can’t change the mind of his woman. She’s decided that it’s freedom for her instead of life with him. She’s hitting the road and he’s coming to the understanding that it’s goodbye time. In relationships there can often be one party that has more difficulty saying goodbye. That’s what this song is about. Blake Shelton covered and released the song as a single and it became a hit. He said he knew he had to record it after seeing Conway Twitty’s earlier version. Shelton said he was in awe of the emotion Twitty put into each lyric. The song is one that brings out that kind of emotion for listeners as well.

Goodbye Time – Conway Twitty

Goodbye Time – Blake Shelton

34. I Can Still Make Cheyenne – George Strait

George StraitGeorge Strait came from Texas to Nashville and brought the rodeo with him. His rodeo song I Can Still Make Cheyenne is a classic goodbye song about a guy in love with the rodeo. The song makes it sound like the guy is barely getting by doing what he loves. He calls home to talk to his woman only to find she’s had enough. She tells him she can’t take it anymore and they must go their separate ways. The guy sounds sad, but says goodbye and moves on to the next stop on the circuit.

Listen to and download I Can Still Make Cheyenne

33. Monday Morning Church – Alan Jackson

Alan JacksonAlan Jackson covered a difficult topic with Monday Morning Church. The song is a sad story about a guy saying goodbye to his lover that has recently passed. He’s dealing with anger, sadness, loneliness, and all the other painful emotions that come with losing someone you love. The song bleeds emotion as Alan pours himself into the story. The music of the song put the listener into a somber state as well. Something certain in life is loss and death. It’s something we all deal with at some point. Goodbye songs like this one let us know we’re not alone and that itself can be comforting during difficult times.

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32. A Little Past Little Rock – Lee Ann Womack

Lee Ann WomackGetting over a relationship takes a lot of will power. Lee Ann Womack came onto the country scene as a traditionalist with a love for classic country music. Her song A Little Past Little Rock is a song about saying goodbye – goodbye to a former lover and former life. It’s difficult to start over, but it’s what’s needed sometimes. The song became a big hit for Womack and helped turn her into a star in country. This song has a universal appeal for anybody dealing with moving on from a relationship.

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31. Cryin’ For Me (Wayman’s Song) – Toby Keith

Toby KeithToby Keith had an unlikely friendship with an NBA and music great Wayman Tisdale. The tall man was a star in the NBA for a number of years for a number of teams. After basketball the star expanded his career as a recording and performing artist. He played the bass guitar in the jazz style and was immensely popular. In 2009 the star passed after what is assumed complications of dealing with cancer, which he had been dealing with for a few years. Toby’s goodbye song to his friend became this song and the song struck a chord with many listeners as well.

Listen to and download Cryin’ For Me (Wayman’s Song)

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  1. Kari says

    I’ve have been looking for a certain song on the internet for hours and finally found it on your website!! thank you! It was killing me! I knew it was a good older country song, about a breakup, but that’s really all I remember. Anyways, it was Blake Shelton and Conway Twitty “Goodbye Time” Ahhh, now I can sleep tonight! Thank you!

  2. Dolly P. says

    Thanks so much for this list! I had to put together a playlist for one of my colleagues that was retiring, and I used a bunch of these songs! She’s a big country fan, so this was right up her alley. Thanks again and God bless!!! :)

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