The 50 Best Goodbye Songs Part 3

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Goodbye Songs Part 3

30. Live Like You Were Dying – Tim McGraw

Tim McGrawThe song is about living life to the fullest – doing the things you want to do before you pass on. Tim McGraw recorded and released the song right around the time his own father passed. Live Like You Were Dying became a smash hit single and further elevated Tim into superstar status. The song comes not only as a reminder to live life every day as if it’s your last, but to remember to reach out to loved ones to let them know you care. We’re all going to die someday. Remember to say goodbye.

Listen to and download Live Like You Were Dying

29. Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind – Confederate Railroad

One of my favorite songs is Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind. There have been a lot of songs about dads and moms, but this one continually makes me smile when I hear it on the radio. The song has hung around radio for 20 years now and it keeps getting played. The song is about saying goodbye to a dad that has passed. The narrator remembers how his dad was a hard working man that believed in a modest lifestyle without the worry of debt. In times like these the message in the song rings true.

Listen to and download Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind

28. I’m Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin’ Song) – Brad Paisley

Brad PaisleyThis tongue-in-cheek song from country’s funny man Brad Paisley had folks everywhere laughing at the prospect of leaving your woman for fishing. In the song the narrator is left with the decision of his woman or fishing. He’s addicted to fishing and his love for spending time in the boat takes priority over his relationship. He leaves her for the fish and the rest is history. The song is of course meant to be funny, but haven’t all guys at least thought about what it would be like to fish all day with no consequences?

Listen to and download I’m Gonna Miss Her

27. He Stopped Loving Her Today – George Jones

George Jones had a career breakthrough with the song He Stopped Loving Her Today. The song brought the 50 year old country legend back to prominence and he rolled through the ’80s on top. The song is about a guy that goes through life loving his wife until the day he dies. The song is probably always recognized as a love song, but I interpret it also as a goodbye song. The song shows how difficult it is for some to say goodbye to the one they love the most. Even death can’t make some people say goodbye. Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing I’m not qualified to say.

Listen to and download He Stopped Loving Her Today

26. My Old Friend – Tim McGraw

Losing a friend is one of the toughest goodbyes each of us probably goes through in life. Tim McGraw’s My Old Friend may not be one of his biggest or most remembered hits, but every now and then I hear it and think about the friends I’ve had over my life that I no longer keep in touch with. There were never any actual goodbyes. The years just kind of slipped by and suddenly I realize I haven’t spoken to my former good friends in ages.

Listen to and download My Old Friend

25. The Beaches of Cheyenne – Garth Brooks

Garth BrooksGarth Brooks grew up loving George Strait and that included the songs about the rodeo. Garth recorded a great rodeo song for his ’96 album. The song was The Beaches of Cheyenne and it’s about two lovers saying a painful goodbye. The guy was a rodeo rider and he couldn’t ride one of the bulls one day. The woman he had left behind couldn’t deal with the pain especially after having a fight with him over his dangerous rodeo lifestyle. Sometimes goodbye doesn’t go as planned.

Garth Brooks – The Ultimate Hits

24. There Goes My Life – Kenny Chesney

Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney has had so many big hits during his career it’s hard to pick out the best, but fans always seem to be drawn to There Goes My Life and for good reason. The song is about a young guy and gal that have a daughter just out of high school. The little girl becomes everything to the guy and he finally has to say goodbye to her as she leaves for college. The little girl that took over his life started out as a surprise and became everything. It’s hard to say goodbye to something you love so much. The song became huge as it connected with moms, dads, and all the daddy’s girls out there.

Listen to and download There Goes My Life

23. Kiss Goodbye – Little Big Town

Little Big TownLittle Big Town has had an up and down career up to this point. One of their hits was Kiss Goodbye and it’s one of my personal favorite goodbye songs. It’s hard to tell if the song is about losing a woman as a result of a death or if she’s simply leaving for a new life and relationship. Either way the song is great. The quartet has a unique sound as a result of their four-part singing. Kiss Goodbye is a great goodbye song and a great country song in general.

Listen to and download Kiss Goodbye

22. Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks

Dixie ChicksThe Dixie Chicks brought sass and attitude to country music. For a good five years or so the band ruled the country charts with their brand of music. During the peak of their career the gals released the controversial song Goodbye Earl and it sure helped establish them in the history books as a one-of-a-kind act. The song is about a scorned lover that has taken too much abuse from her man. She finally ends his life and says goodbye to the troubled way of life. It’s certainly not your ordinary goodbye song, but it certainly belongs high on this list.

Listen to and download Goodbye Earl

21. How Can I Help You (To Say Goodbye) – Patty Loveless

This is a classic from the lovely Patty Loveless. The song is all about goodbye. There are three situations where goodbey is difficult for the narrator. First the girl in the song says goodbye to her best friend as her family moves away. Second the woman says goodbye as her husband packs up and leaves. Third the woman has to say goodbye to her mom that had helped her through all th tough goodbyes in life. It’s a sad song, but truly a remarkable country goodbye song.

Listen to and download How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

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