Apologies by Grace Potter

Grace Potter Apologies

Get ready for some tears in this latest live performance from Grace Potter.

Grace Potter first entered the country scene as the additional singer on You and Tequila by Kenny Chesney. I had no idea who she was at the time and I thought it was an interesting choice from Kenny. I thought the co-writer of the song Deana Carter would have been a great choice, but Grace it was and it turned out to definitely be the right choice.

Now Grace has been around for a few years in the hearts and eyes of country fans. Recently she put on a great show on CMT Sessions and one of those songs stood out from the others. Here is her live performance of Apologies.

Apologies – Grace Potter

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If it’s possible for a song to sound both beautiful and sad at the same time I think Grace has done it. The track is about a relationship that is over. One person has seemingly moved on and the other is still fighting back feelings of love. It seems like the guy in the relationship was the one that wanted to end it and now he’s the one that wants to get back together. Well, maybe he doesn’t want to get back together, but he still has these feelings of love for her.

That’s a powerful emotion and something a lot of people out there can probably relate to. It’s a sad place because in the song you get the feeling that the girl is ready to move on. She’s already found someone else that makes her feel good and she’s ready to move forward in that relationship.

It can be a tough life out there and this is just one of the difficult situations.

Great song from a great artist.

CML Points: 85/100

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