50 Greatest Women Songs – Part 2

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50 Greatest Women Songs – Part 2

40) A Girls’ Night Out – The Judds

With a twang and some attitude, The Judds released their #1 hit A Girl’s Night Out. The song is about hard working women taking a night off from the usual grind of daily life to get out on the town. Mother Naomi and daughter Wynonna sang their hearts out on the track. A kick of attitude and the signature twang in the track made the song unique. Still today the song is a hit with country women as they get ready to hit the town and tear it up for a night with their favorite ladies.

Download A Girl’s Night Out

39) Guys Do It All The Time – Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready was young and full of attitude when she released her debut album in 1996. The album went double platinum on the success of its four singles. The lone #1 hit from the album was Guys Do It All The Time. The song was about all of the things that guys typically do regularly yet they always make a mention of it when it’s the girl doing it. Mindy burst out onto the scene and disappeared almost as quickly, but she’s back now releasing new music. She’s still young and if she can overcome her demons she’ll continue performing the song that made her famous while reminding girls that it’s alright to have pass on cutting the lawn to wash the truck.

Download Guys Do It All The Time

38) Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) – Pam Tillis

The fiery Pam Tillis released her lone #1 hit in 1994. Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) entered the charts and shot straight to the top. The song was a huge hit for Tillis and perhaps the biggest in a score of hits for the big-voiced female vocalist. Tillis would go on to have a few more hits in her career before settling into a more subdued state in her career. The singer’s lone #1 hit remains a reminder for female fans that life can still be a little bit of fun now and then despite all the craziness each day.

Download Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)

37) You Don’t Even Know Who I Am – Patty Loveless

A successful woman in country music, the wonderful and beautiful Patty Loveless released the passionate You Don’t Even Know Who I Am in 1995. The song was sung with power and emotion as the story of a women in a neglected relationship played out to the hearts of country fans everywhere. The song was therapy for women and a reminder for women. Each time the song comes on the radio it catches your ear because it’s unique in its sound as the power and emotion come out in Loveless’ voice. The song was a top five hit for Patty, but even though it didn’t make the top spot it remains a signature song for the country queen.

Download You Don’t Even Know Who I Am

36) Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s album Come On Over spent so much time at the top of the charts that it seemed like every music fan in the nation had a copy for their home, truck and office. The album yielded 12 international singles and they were all smash hits. In 1999, as the album was enjoying more time at the top of the charts, Shania and her team released the single Man! I Feel Like A Woman! The song became another top five hit for the Canadian beauty. From the opening guitar lick, the song reminds women how great it is to head out on the town and enjoy some fun. Shania reminded women country fans all over that having a good time is allowed and being a woman is something to be proud of.

Download Man! I Feel Like A Woman!

35) Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood became a superstar on the popular singing talent show American Idol, but in 2006 she released the single that made her a country music superstar. The song was Before He Cheats and the tune became a #1 smash hit on the charts. Before He Cheats sees Carrie telling the story of a cheating boyfriend that she kicks to the curb, but not before doing a little damage to the pickup truck he loves so much. The song connected with women all over and the catchy hooks in the tune had everybody singing along. Carrie is now perhaps the biggest woman in country music and could be considered the biggest star in the genre – male or female – at present. She continues releasing hits and her career should be long and successful.

Download Before He Cheats

34) Coat Of Many Colors – Dolly Parton

In 1971, the wonderful Dolly Parton released one of her many signature songs. Coat of Many Colors was a personal story about a mom that made a coat from the cloth that was lying around the house. Dolly came from a rural upbringing to reach to the top of the country music world. As a singer and a songwriter and extraordinary businessperson, Dolly remains nearly unmatched in success in country music. For more than five decades the beauty has been at the top of the charts while selling out shows each year. The song that most find most personal for Dolly remains of of her most requested singles.

Download Coat Of Many Colors

33) Better Things To Do – Terri Clark

In 1995, a powerful-voiced Canadian singer burst onto the country music scene with a smash debut single. Terri Clark released Better Things To Do that year and it turned her into and instant star in country music. The song was about impatience when ti comes to men. Sometimes guys forget that women often have better things to do than sit around and wait for us to get our act together. Terri Clark has a powerful country music voice and she continued her career through the ’00s and still is very popular on tour in the US and Canada. The rousing debut song remains one of her fan favorites and seems to have a place in the hearts of women forever.

Download Better Things To Do

32) Walking Away A Winner – Kathy Mattea

The classic country woman, Kathy Mattea had a bit of a comeback hit in 1994 with her song Walking Away A Winner. The song reached #3 on the charts and had Kathy playing to big crowds once again. A huge star from the ’80s, Mattea remains popular today as she continues releasing new music and traveling the world speaking and singing for various causes. Walking Away A Winner remains a popular song for it’s positive message for strong women.

Download Walking Away A Winner

31) The House That Built Me – Miranda Lambert

Miranda LambertIt took longer than most thought, but in 2010 Miranda Lambert finally got her first #1 hit with The House That Built Me. The song instantly connected with fans and even brought tears to many as they heard Ran sing a song about going back to your childhood home. A place where many memories are made, childhood homes always hold a special place in the hearts of many and Miranda put an equally memorable vocal on the track. Miranda is reaching superstar status in country music and with a few more songs like The House That Built Me she’ll easily be recognized as one of the greatest ever in country music.

Download The House That Built Me

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