50 Greatest Women Songs

Without women, country music wouldn’t exist.

The great men in country music have written and recorded some of the greatest songs in history. Those songs usually discuss the emotions and issues arising from falling in and out of love with a woman.

Not only do women inspire great country songs, they write and record the best country music as well.

The great women in country music have been singing songs that inspire, proclaim, and question for decades. From Patsy Cline to Shania Twain to Carrie Underwood, the greatest women in country music know how to sing songs that speak directly to the gals in the audience.

So for all the great female country music fans, here are the…

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50 Greatest Women Songs

50) One Way Ticket (Because I Can) – LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn RimesAt the tail end of 1997, the young rising star LeAnn Rimes was bursting onto the country music scene. The third single off her debut album Blue was the catchy and upbeat One Way Ticket (Because I Can). The song became LeAnn’s first #1 single and officially launched her into superstardom. Fans loved the song and have never stopped requesting it. One Way Ticket is still a popular song on radio today and remains one of LeAnn’s biggest hits.

Download One Way Ticket (Because I Can)

49) Single White Female – Chely Wright

Chely Wright had her breakout hit with 1999’s Single White Female. The song – written by fellow country artist Carolyn Dawn Johnson – became a #1 hit for Chely that year and vaulted her status as a country artist. The album with the same name sold over 500,000 copies and made Chely a star. The song is catchy as it sees the female narrator proclaiming her relationship status via the personal want ads to a guy she’s interested in. Being single can get kind of lonely and when someone interesting comes along it can be difficult to tell them how you feel. Chely took matters into her own hands in ’99 and the song became a huge success.

Download Single White Female

48) Kerosene – Miranda Lambert

Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert didn’t win the talent TV show Nashville Star, but she has proven to be one of biggest artists to come from the show. The third single and title track from her debut album Kerosene was released in 2005 and it burned up the charts and established Miranda’s place in country music. Kerosene is a rocking track about a women burned by man that cheated on her. In return she douses his house in kerosene and burns it to the ground with a grin. So for all the guys out there – don’t mess with Miranda and her fans. They mean business. The song only peaked at #15 on the charts, but was a major hit on radio and in concert. Miranda lights up the stage when she puts on a passionate performance during her live shows. Kerosene let Miranda show her tough side to country fans.

Download Kerosene

47) Chains – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless released the single Chains in 1990 and it became a #1 hit. The song is about a woman that can’t get out of a relationship because the pull of love keeps her hanging on even though she knows she has to leave. An emotion that both women and men can relate to, Chains connected on an emotional level with country fans. The song’s uptempo beat made it catchy and memorable. Loveless puts a great lyric on the latter part of the chorus allowing fans of all ages to have fun singing along. It’s a great tune with a message that most can relate to at some point in their lives.

Download Chains

46) I Can’t Do That Anymore – Faith Hill

Faith HillThe final single off Faith Hill‘s 2nd album was I Can’t Do That Anymore. The song is about a women that gives up everything in an effort to make her husband happy. Finally at the end of the song she makes her proclamation that she needs a little recognition and something for herself. Interestingly, the song was written by fellow country star Alan Jackson. The song climbed into the top ten on the charts in 1996 as it connected with women all over that were going through a similar situation.

Download I Can’t Do That Anymore

45) Stand Beside Me – Jo Dee Messina

Jo Dee Messina was on a major roll in 1998. The first two singles from her 2nd album I’m Alright had both gone #1 on the charts. Toward the end of the year she released a third single Stand Beside Me. The song became her third #1 in a row staying at the top of the chart for 3 weeks. The song slowed things down a little bit for Jo Dee as she sang about the need for a man that wants to be her equal and not control her. The narrator knows the relationship isn’t right and needs to move on even when she runs into her former lover later on. The song was a smash hit and connected with female fans in country music. The song remains popular today as the sentiment stays forever relevant.

Download Stand Beside Me

44) That Don’t Impress Me Much – Shania Twain

Shania TwainThe queen of country music for just about a decade had tons of huge hits. She’s sold more records than most artists in country music. At the tail end of 1998 Shania Twain was the biggest thing in music. Her album Come On Over was selling more copies than any album on the chart and her singles were climbing to the top of the charts. That Don’t Impress Me Much became another smash for Shania. The song was catchy and the video was memorable as well. The song that included a line about Brad Pitt is one of Shania’s most memorable.

Download That Don’t Impress Me Much

43) Undo It – Carrie Underwood

Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood released Undo It in 2010 and the song instantly became a fan favorite. Carrie takes on her self-described mean side as she sings about a past relationship she wished had never occurred. Undo It tells the story of a guy that stole time, energy and happiness from a girl. Many feel this emotion at some point in their life and it can make you feel like you could have all the time back once thins are finally over. It’s a rocking tune for perhaps the greatest female country artist of all time.

Download Undo It

42) Independence Day – Martina McBride

Martina McBrideIn 1994, a feisty little woman with a big country voice took the country by storm with Independence Day. Martina McBride belted out the lyrics that told the story of domestic violence as told through the eyes of a young girl. The story was meaningful to many unfortunately and the power and passion Martina put behind every note made the song one of the most memorable country songs of the decade. Even today the song is a signature song for Martina even though it missed the top ten during its chart run. Martina is still going strong today as she continues releasing powerful songs about the lives of powerful women.

Download Independence Day

41) Maybe It Was Memphis – Pam Tillis

In 1992, the daughter of country legend Mel Tillis released her signature song. Pam Tillis released Maybe It Was Memphis and the powerful song shot straight to the country top five. Pam originally recorded the song in the late ’80s, but later re-recorded it for her breakout album. The passionate song tells the story of a couple finding love in Memphis. Tillis’ unique and passionate vocal made the song hugely popular with country fans. Maybe It Was Memphis is still a staple on country radio today as fans continue requesting it as they sing along, belting out every word.

Download Maybe It Was Memphis

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