Brothers by Greg Bates

Greg Bates

Greg Bates has some great new songs

Greg Bates is currently climbing the charts with his single¬†Did It For The Girl. It’s a great new song about the lengths a guy will go to impress the girl. Here is another song from Greg that is just as good.

Brothers – Greg Bates

It’s a great song right?

Brothers is about a guy and his kid brother. They’ve been best friends throughout life. The older brother is playing the narrator in the song. He’s singing about their entire life together. He remembers all the fights. He remembers the day his kid brother was born and being unsure what to expect.

The two go through life as best friends and they remain close. They’re in each other’s weddings and still doing all the things brothers do together like hang out and watch the football games.

In this live performance it’s obvious that Greg Bates is a talented new artist. Those folks over at Republic Nashville really know how to pick the stars of tomorrow. This guy sounds different from other artists, but there is a pleasantness about his voice. I think people are really loving his new song and I’m sure they’ll love all the other songs he’s going to release.

I don’t know if¬†Brothers will be a single or not so I wanted to make sure it was featured here so you could listen.

CML Points: 80/100

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