Lost In Caroline by Greg Bates

Greg Bates

Now this is a country song from Greg Bates.

Greg Bates is probably my new favorite country artist.

I know I say that every couple weeks, but this week it’s Greg Bates. His first single is racing up the charts and I think it’s great, but there is a song on his debut EP that I think is even better. There is nothing like this song out there right now. It’s a simple song, but a great song that really has something special.

Lost In Caroline – Greg Bates

Lost In Caroline – Greg Bates

Something might be wrong with me but every few months I’ll get on these kicks where I’ll listen to the same song over and over. Does that happen to you? Maybe I’m the only one. I’m not sure.

A year or so ago it happened with Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean. It also happened earlier with Let It Rain by David Nail. Those songs are just so incredibly catchy. I think it’s the catchiness of a song that really makes me want to listen over and over. Recently it happened with Kick It In The Sticks by Brantley Gilbert. I’m almost ashamed it happened with that song because it’s been available for over two years and I’m only now starting to get into it.

The last couple days, though, the song that’s been stuck on my mind is Lost In Caroline by Greg Bates.

I have no idea why the song is so appealing. It seems like the perfect match of singer and song. Greg Bates currently has his first single racing up the charts. He sounds like a star in the making. There is a unique sound with his music. It’s different. There really isn’t anything like his music out there right now and I think that will serve him well.

Lost In Caroline really is a simple song. It’s about a young couple falling in love. They get stuck in a cabin for a week since the weather has been bad. They have nowhere else to be except with each other. It’s a story. Some of the best country songs are just simple stories and this one happens to be a love story.

The melody is catchy and it almost lulls you to sleep, but for some reason I can’t stop listening over and over. It’s a great song.

Do you agree?

Or am I crazy?

CML Points: 87/100

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