That Ain’t Good by Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr.

I like a good Hank Williams Jr. song. He is one of the best at telling stories and doing it in a way that’s musically interesting. His melodies are simple yet complex and his new song is something different in the fact that it’s a throwback.

That Ain’t Good – Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. is truly one of a kind. He’s put out some interesting music over the last few years. He’s become known for his outspoken nature on politics and life. He’s also a frequent guest in live shows and award shows and other appearances. I think it’s always good to see Hank Jr. out there in the action. He’s great.

Now Hank is back to the basics with his music. That Ain’t Good┬áis a simple country story song. We have a guy that’s struggling with life. He’s going through a breakup with his woman. He’s going through tough times at the job. He’s not getting along with the boss and times are just tough all around. He can’t explain certain things to his kids and it’s just a struggle.

Now how many out there can relate to a struggle in life?

I’m sure we all can. Hank always knew how to make a great country song like this. I’m not sure if there are enough country fans out there that still like to hear a song like this. There are a few, though, and I think Hank will make a little noise with this song. The melody is good and the story is something people can relate to and enjoy.

Thanks for bringing back the old school, Hank. You have our full support.

Chart Estimate: #30

CML Points: 82/100

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