Why’d You Have To Be So Good by Heidi Newfield

Heid Newfield

Heid Newfield is back again.

Heidi Newfield has a one of a kind voice in country. She’s got that raspy quality that you can’t really fake. She’s been popular with country fans for more than a decade now. Here is her latest single.

Why’d You Have To Be So Good – Heidi Newfield

This is a love that’s been lost song. It’s good. It’s really good. Heidi is struggling with the loss of her former love. She’s struggling to get over him because he was so good to her. She’s looking for a reason to hate him, but she can’t find anything. He was everything for her and someone he got away and likely won’t ever come back.

That’s a powerful emotion. It makes the breakup even more difficult. It seems the guy or the other person in the song is the one that left. Maybe they were the ones giving all the love while the narrator in the song was only doing the taking. That can happen sometimes with relationships. It leaves one party upset after a while and possibly the other party heart broken when it’s over. That’s the case in this song.

I think Heidi will have her next hit as a solo artist with this song. It’s a great track I see going into the top 20 or even top 15 toward the end of the year. Heidi has the backing of her label and should be able to come through shining just like she was on her first solo record. She’s a few years removed from her Trick Pony days, but she’s still a force in this business. People love her voice and love her perspective on life.

What do you think of the new song?

Chart Estimate: #15

CML Points: 80/100

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