Hit It Hard by John Daly (@PGA_JohnDaly)

John Daly

John Daly hits the golf ball hard and that’s how he takes on life too.

Social media has been buzzing with news that professional golfer, John Daly, has been getting radio play on SiriusXM The Highway.

John’s song, Hit It Hard, has apparently been just added to the playlist. And from the responses on Twitter it seems like people are really digging it.

I’m a huge fan of golf. I’m not that good, but I love it. And John Daly has been my favorite golfer since I saw him on TV winning the British Open when I was about ten years old.

So here is John’s new song.

Hit It Hard – John Daly

I love this song.

John is very honest with his music. But if you’ve ever seen him in an interview you know that’s exactly who he is all the time. He’s an open book. He’s not afraid to talk about the things he’s done in his life. He’s quite the character and people love it. I think in a way, all of John’s fans are inspired by his honesty.

The fact that this song is getting played on SiriusXM now caught me off guard. The album that John put out came out back in 2010. I actually wrote a review on one of the songs back then – I Only Know One Way.

I’m not sure if John is putting some effort into promoting this or if he’s buddies with one of the DJs at SiriusXM. Either way, I think this song is becoming a hit. I don’t know if we’ll see it on the charts, but that would be pretty awesome.

This was also not the first album that John put out. I think his first came out around 2004. That one I think is only available on CD and had the classic, All My Exes Wear Rolexes.

This album has some really key imagery and insight into John. He’s an open book on this song and on every song on the record. There are upbeat songs and some ballads.

He’s a little country. He’s a little rock.

He’s just honest and that’s why he remains one of the most popular golfers on the PGA Tour.

I pull for him every week especially in the majors.

CML Points: 90/100

Dayne Shuda

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  1. Sharon says

    John Daly has ALWAYS been the most interesting and open Player in The Golf World, (in My opinion ). Had a chance to follow Him around in a St. Jude’s Classic Event once. Have to say, He WAS the ONE everyone wanted to watch!! Can see how that mixture of Charm and Hard Drive would carry over to Music!! Music is ALL about character and heart. And John Definitely has BOTH!! Country Songs are the most creative way to TELL Your story, and I Love this one!!! Great job John!! Looking forward to hearing it on My local Country Music Station !! Better yet,, think I’ll just run out and get the CD!! Thanks for posting the Song!!!!

  2. Beau says

    John is a Folk Hero , a legend . When you think of John you think of a man who is somewhat of an outlaw , he plays by his rules and you like him or you don’t . I think most people love him , I find myself always pulling for him to win . I think he should do a song with” Willie Nelson ” the original outlaw. Rock On John !

  3. Dwayne says

    I heard this song (I hit it hard) for the first time today and thought my god that is my life! This is a very good song that deserves a bunch of attention and I believe if it was played every day in radiant it would easily become a top 10 hit! Thank you John I love the song

  4. Kevin says

    When you look at the backlash and hatred which Tiger received for his indiscretion and compare it to John Daly you have to wonder why one can be admired for his indiscretion and the other admonished. John Daly is a tremendously talented golfer who has wasted this ability through gluttony, sloth, and pride. Tiger cheated on his wife and has appeared to show contrition. John sings a song about how bad ass he is and isn’t sorry about it.

    There is a different standard in play, why is that?

  5. Al says

    We got ourselves another Hank Williams Jr. and it doesn’t get better then that. Thank you John, iiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt’s Gggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttt.

  6. Factual says

    Because JD is real, genuine…what you see is what you get always was. People connect to the real deal.

    Eldrick is a phony, spoiled little cheater brat who built the image that we now universally know was just a facade. We are watching his body breakdown post-PED abuse.

  7. joe says

    keep hitting it hard and playing golf more,
    your fans want to see more of you on the golf course.
    good luck

  8. says

    The song will most likely be a hit; his fans will enjoy watching him live life his way. John’s life is a Comic Tragedy; a candidate for the Hank Williams hall of fame.

  9. tom eisenhauer says

    a good add con lyric ” I hit it hard man sometimes straight and sometimes wrong but it’s always long I hit it hard man” One of your biggest fans getting closer to the senior tour and then TV will do you justice. Keep it going

  10. says

    I have been a fan of Johns For Many Years….I admire him for breaking the cultural bearer…Now with this song .John Can go tell the gate keeps of wealth to put it where the Sun Don’t Shine…Keep HITTING THEM HARD JOHN..PER HAP’S SOME DAY WE COULD PLAY A ROUND…PODO……

  11. joyce wisehart says

    John heard your song –it blew my mind . you can do it . Singing and golfing is certainly your thing. we want to hear more of this song and hope they put you on the country shows on T.V. Joyce kokomo

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