Drinkin’ by Holly Williams

Holly Williams Drinkin

Sometimes a song connects with fans and it really takes off. That’s what is happening with this new one from Holly Williams.

It’s gotta be hard for the offspring of successful people. On one hand we think they have it pretty easy growing up and that’s true, but they also have added pressure to succeed and outdo the success of their parents and grandparents. Now put that on top of having the passion to do the same thing as your elders.

That’s what Holly Williams has been facing. She obviously loves music, but there is no doubt people think of her as the granddaughter of Hank Williams and the daughter of Jr.

The best way to step out of the shadows, though, is to come up with a great song. This time Holly has really done it and country fans are taking notice.

Drinkin’ – Holly Williams

The song is about the struggle some of us face in life. Things keeping going the way they go and we don’t make an effort to change. In some cases we attempt change and nothing comes of it. We just keep drinking or doing whatever we’re doing and those around us suffer the most.

You won’t find a country song that sounds more country right now. This has the tempo of a classic. It’s a little mellow with the drowning sounds of sitting in a bar drinking until you don’t remember.

This is the kind of song that can crack an artist into the mainstream. I’ve been seeing this song on CMT nonstop. It seems like country fans are loving this song.

We all have our issues and sometimes we need songs like this to let us know we’re not alone.

What do you think of this breakthrough hit from Holly Williams?

Chart Estimate: #30

CML Points: 85/100

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