Wanted by Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes got some interest with his first single.

Now it’s time for single number two and the choice appears to be Wanted. The song is good. It’s a romantic ballad about a guy that wants to do all he can for his girl. Here, check it out for yourself.

Wanted – Hunter Hayes

I’m sure there are a few girls out there that will love this song.

In fact, I’m betting this song becomes a big hit in 2012.

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes

The story with Hunter is that he’s been a musical prodigy since he was just a kid. He plays all the instruments. He produces. He sings and he writes. I don’t think there is anything this kid can’t do with a song and it really comes through on his first album.

Wanted is certainly a good track. It’s not normally the kind of song I would listen to, but I know there is a big portion of the country audience that loves romantic songs. It’s this type of song that usually takes country artists over to the pop world and makes them even bigger stars. I could see that happening to Hunter. Although it appears he’s focusing on the country music world and that’s fine by me. He’s a great talent and country is better for having him even if he’s more Rascal Flatts than George Strait (love both of those acts).

Hunter is a unique country artist. There have been acts that have had his sound, but with Hunter there is more depth. This kid knows all the songs. He knows every instrument and I think he can really write a good song. Usually the artists that have this much talent do well as solo artists, but they can also go on to really have long careers. I think that’s what could be in store for Hunter although it’s way too early to call it.

Country music has always had room for acts like Hunter. There are always going to be the George Straits and the Easton Corbins, but there will be the Restless Hearts and Hunter Hayes too. I think it’s great.

And Wanted is a great song too.

Don’t you think?

Chart Estimate: #15

CML Points: 78/100

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