Those Three Words by Ingram Hill

Ingram Hill

My mind was blown when I heard Ingram Hill on country radio.

The story of how my life intersects with the band Ingram Hill dates back seven years (man I can’t believe it’s been that long).

The Summer of 2005 was interesting. I was working a college job driving forklift and for the Fourth of July I spent time about four hours away from where I was living with some friends. We spent time on the lake in the boat and just having a good time.

Anyway, there was a specific moment I remember. We were riding around in a truck going on an errand or something. The driver had his iPod hooked up to the truck’s stereo and he was just letting his song collection play. Now, these are college kids and it was mid-2000s so independent rock bands were in. I was a country fan, but also a fan of all music. Out of nowhere this song comes on and I’m hooked.

The track was Chicago by Ingram Hill. I had never heard of the band, but the song had this great melody and instantly I was hooked. I learned that the band really neer had huge hits and at the time they were about as big as they would ever get…until maybe right now.

Flash forward to now.

I’m listening to AOL Radio – New Country First. I heard this song come on and instantly I’m intrigued. I switch screens from what I’m doing and look at the information?

Ingram Hill? Where do I recognize that name? Holy shi… They’re a country band right now?

It turns out the guys actually released a new record last week and it spent time in the Top 10 on the country albums chart on iTunes. Crazy.

I’ve been checking out the album and it’s really good. I can’t believe these guys are still together and that they’re now playing country music.

Here is the original song I heard.

Those Three Words – Ingram Hill

Ingram Hill – Those Three Words

Again, these guys have a way with melodies. That’s the first thing I notice about this track. It’s catchy. The second thing you’ll notice is the distinctive lead vocals. These are the two things that originally had me hooked on the song Chicago and again I’m hooked on Those Three Words. It’s incredibly good and really belongs on the charts.

I’m not sure how far this song and album will go on the country charts, but apparently it’s already seeing success. The guys have stuck together this long and it seems they’ve found new life in the country world. I welcome that change with open arms. This is a great band.

CML Points: 80/100

Flashback: Chicago – Ingram Hill

Ingram Hill – Chicago

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