The Jackson Delaney EP

Jackson DelaneyWhen you first listen to Jackson Delaney you’ll feel like you’ve heard him before.

We like to make comparisons for new country artists. It helps us understand what the new artist is all about and gives them time to establish their own place in the country world.

Jackson Delaney sounds and looks a little like Jamey Johnson. That comparison means you’re looking at a guy that probably was influenced by legends like Waylon Jennings.

There’s also some Eddie Montgomery from Montgomery Gentry influence there and the two must have a connection because Eddie is the songwriter on three of the six tracks on the album.

Here are my thoughts track-by-track on the new EP from Jackson Delaney.

Review: The Jackson Delaney EP

As you listen to this collection of songs you’ll get a feel for what Jackson is all about. He is a little rough around the edges and that sets him apart from a lot of the other artists out there. You feel the flaws in this artist and that’s a really great thing. You can feel a connection with yourself because at the end of the day we’re all flawed.

Even better, though, is the fact that these songs have melody. They’re catchy. That’s hugely important for any artist – established or new. It’s not an easy thing to find in a song.

1. Long Black Cadillac

The first track on the album sets the tone. The deep voice of Jackson really takes the showcase on this track. It’s a great story song introduction to get things rolling on what is a really good album.

2. Ugly, Lucky and Me

This is a song that could be a single. Each of the songs on this set are good, but this one has a really great melody. It’s a story song about a couple and their dog that was always there for everything in life. It’s not a sad song, though. It’s upbeat and it looks back on the time you spend with pets in a great light. With how much people love their pets it’s surprising there aren’t more songs like this.

3. Shotgun Wedding

This is the first single from the set and it was a good choice. It’s a little funny. It makes you smile. It’s catchy. It’s got the right formula for a hit single. It’s a great story song that people could connect with if they hear it on radio.

4. Freedom (Never Goes Out Of Style)

Here is where the Toby Keith and Montgomery Gentry influence come in on this record. Jackson has a respect for those in the military and those that have been in the service in the past. There is real passion in the vocals on this record.

5. You Make Me Wanna

We all get a little frustrated sometimes. We all have people that get us a little over the edge. It’s good that in this case he at least gives the person a few minutes to get out of the way before bad things go down.

6. The Good Drugs

This song is well written. It’s not about what you think. It’s about the good things in life. The things that can give you a high without even breaking the law.

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