Endless Summer by Jake Owen

Jake Owen Endless SummerLast September Jake Owen released an EP called Endless Summer.

There has been a trend recently of big time artists releasing these side projects. Yes, EPs have been around for a while and have been used for various reasons, but it seems artists are doing this as kind of a gift to the fans and to keep themselves interested in new music in between albums.

You can look at Luke Bryan has an example. He’s released about four or five EPs for spring break now and it will be interesting to see if Jake does the same with this new EP. It would be fun.

Anyway, I had a chance to listen to all four tracks on the mini album.

Here were my thoughts.

Album Review: Endless Summer by Jake Owen

The sound of the album is just as you would expect. Jake seems like a laid back party boy. He sings party songs and songs about hanging out with friends. He also throws a few in there for the ladies.

Jake got married and has a new baby so maybe he’s ready to settle down. We’ll see what he comes out with next. Until then we can enjoy the upcoming summer with the songs on this record.

1. Summer Jam (with Florida Georgia Line)

We’ve reviewed this song here on CML before. It’s great. It’s probably my favorite on the EP. Those guys have been on a tear the last few months and so has Jake. It’s a great song that’s catchy and all about enjoying the hot weather and the cold drinks…and the love that goes along with it of course.

2. Pass A Beer

This one kind of sounds like a Dierks Bentley kind of tune. That’s a good thing. It’s kind of a chill song for just kicking back and enjoying life. Open the cooler and pass those drinks around.

3. Steal My Kisses

I didn’t expect this to be a cover, but it was a great choice. Ben Harper took the song up the pop charts a decade ago and it’s still a great song today. Jake does a good job with it.

4. Surefire Feeling

The final song on the set is a classic Jake Owen song. This one could definitely be on a regular studio record, but it works great here. It’s about the love you feel when just hanging out with your summer fling.

You never know when those things will turn into something more.

One final note – I can’t get through the review without mentioning that whenever I think of an endless summer I think about The Beach Boys.

Alright. Now let’s get to some warm weather fun.

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