Thank A Farmer by James Wesley

James Wesley Farmer

James Wesley knows how much impact farmers have on our lives.

James Wesley actually got started with his first record way back in 1999. Then just a couple years ago he came back with Broken Bow Records and released a really strong album that saw two top 25 singles and two other singles that reached the top 60 on the charts.

Well there is a new single from that album and it might be the best of them all.

Check out the lyric video and see what you think.

Thank A Farmer – James Wesley

Thank A Farmer is about respecting the farming industry. It’s been such a major part of the way we all live in the US. There is really nothing in our lives that don’t start back there on those fields and in the barns of the farms all over the rural US.

Growing up in Wisconsin I always had a love for farms. We mostly have dairy farms up here, but there are tons of crops and beef farms too. I think we’re actually seeing a little revival of the farm especially at the local level. For example, my girlfriend and I get eggs delivered every month from a family farm here in our hometown. They also raise chickens and beef. It makes you feel good knowing where your food came from and you know you’re helping a little to support the local community and a local family.

This is a great song. It’s got a good melody and I like the way it sounds. It also has a really great message and I think people, especially country fans, will love the song.

I think this one has a chance to crack the top 30 on the charts.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #30

CML Points: 82/100

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