Jamey Johnson Wrestles a Heartache

Heartache hits us all at some point in life.

Jamey Johnson The Guitar SongIn his latest radio release Jamey Johnson plays the heartache as he chases a guy to turn his life upside down. It’s an interesting perspective for a song, but Jamey pulls it off well.

Since being shunned from his record label a few years ago Jamey Johnson has turned his career around. He gained fame as a songwriter and later as a singer. His comeback album went gold on the success of his biggest single to date In Color and his follow up collection of songs has proven to be successful as well.

The new single from The Guitar Song is Heartache and as mentioned above – it’s more of the same unique material from Jamey.

Heartache has a slow, melodic beat. The song rolls along and picks up steam as Jamey moves through the vocals like a predator hunting down its prey.

Something Jamey has a keen way of doing is capturing the true emotion and feeling of life’s happenings. With this track Jamey somehow captures what most would think a heartache sounds like. A heartache will hunt you down and take you by surprise before you even realize what’s happening.

Jamey’s talent lies with his ability to craft country songs that sound familiar, but are totally unique. He’s a great artist and it’s great to see his songs continue to see recognition.

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