Good Time Coming On by Jana Kramer

Jana Kramer

Rising Star – Jana Kramer

I’ve decided what I like most about Jana Kramer. She has a traditional sounding voice, but her songs have this modern touch. It’s something for everyone even if you’re brand new to country music or if you’ve been a fan for decades. Here is a song from her debut album performed live for CMT.

Good Time Coming On – Jana Kramer

It’s a simple song about something going on tonight in the small country town. The phone is blowing up and things are going on tonight. There is a good time to be had by all the young folks in the town. Maybe it’s a party going on for everybody in the town. You never know.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Jana is a great performer live. I’m looking forward to seeing her in Eau Claire, WI in a couple weeks. She was a late addition to the Country Jam lineup and I think she’ll be one of those acts that turns a few heads when she hits the stage as the first performer of the day.

Good Time Coming On is a great pop-country record. As I said above her songs have this traditional sound, but they also have a little bit of modern feel to them. That’s a good combination. The foundation of the song is a great melody. I can see the girls turning this one up on the hot summer nights as they roll into town looking for a good time.

Jana Kramer sounds like a star in the making. She’s been there before with her acting career and she’s proving to be more than just a pretty face right now. Her music is great. I’ve listened to the entire debut album and it’s really good. Good Time Coming On is one of the better songs on the record and I just have to think it will be a single in the near future.

Don’t you think?

CML Points: 84/100

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