JaneDear Girls are Riding Shotgun

JaneDear GirlsDifferent? Yes.

In your face? Yes.

Ready to kick butt on the country charts? Damn right.

The JaneDear Girls surprised more than a few critics when they took their recent first single all the way to the top fifteen on the country charts. Now the duo is ready for repeat success with their second single. They’re wasting no time releasing it to radio and the track already seems destine for a long run up the charts this summer.

Shotgun Girl is the new track and it’s got the same sass and attitude as the girls’ last single. The new track is about a girl that loves riding around with her man on a Saturday night. Anywhere he’s going she’s ready to be there with him riding shotgun the whole time.

I’ll admit that when I first saw the title of this track I thought it might be about actual guns. You know – the kind of guns Miranda Lambert has been singing about recently. I’m alright with the fact that Shotgun Girl is about riding shotgun in a pickup though. There’s nothing I like more than hopping in my pickup truck riding around town in the summer with my girl sitting next to me.

Some people think the JaneDear Girls aren’t inspired, but I think they’re pretty unique. They have the talent as singers and their songs are actually good. The tracks are catchy and the lyrics are simple, but good images and stories about the things country fans love.

I’m ready to have a Shotgun Girl riding with me on the radio this summer.

Are you?

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