1994 by Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean 1994

Hop in this truck a.k.a. Time Machine. We’re heading back to 1994…

It’s official!

Jason Aldean has announced the next single off Night Train and it’s my personal favorite.

1994 will take you back about 20 years (has it been that long?) to a time when Joe Diffie was rocking the country charts. The lyrics in the song are great. You’ll hear a handful of nods to Joe Diffie classics, but the real story here is the hook. You’ve never heard Joe Diffie’s name in this way.

Check it out.

1994 – Jason Aldean

1994 by Jason Aldean

I have to break this review up into a few parts.

The Song – This is a great country song. Jason has proven in the recent past that he’s not afraid to try new things. Back a couple years ago I was listening to the My Kinda Party album. The song Dirt Road Anthem really stood out. I was hoping it would become a single because there was nothing like it out there. The song went on to become the biggest in Aldean’s career up to this point.

This song can have that same kind of impact. It’s not necessarily country rap (was Be My Baby Tonight by John Michael Montgomery country rap?), but it’s got a little fun edge to it. You’ll hear a lot written about this song, but in the end it’s a catchy song that makes you want to dance. That is the recipe for a hit.

It’s like the story of producer Quincy Jones. He was working on the Thriller album with Michael Jackson and Quincy wasn’t really feeling Billie Jean. Michael said the song made him want to dance. Jones came around and later said, “When Michael Jackson tells you that a song makes him want to dance you listen to the man.”

1994 is a country dance song. Get your boogie boots ready.

Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett 1994

Do you know Thomas Rhett? You will when this song reaches #1.

Newcomer, Thomas Rhett is one of the writers on this track. He’s had a couple songs recorded by Aldean up to this point along with some by other artists, but he’s never had one of them on the radio other than his own two, which have made the top 20.

This song is going to be huge for Thomas Rhett.

Think of Dirt Road Anthem and My Kinda Party. Those were written by Brantley Gilbert. Getting the recognition from the Aldean cuts paved the way for Brantley to further his own career. Anthem was co-written with Colt Ford who started getting more attention too.

Luke Bryan is another example. His song, Good Directions, became a huge hit for Billy Currington. It was a launching pad for Bryan who at the time was really looking for a hit.

This song is going to be big for Thomas Rhett. The kid is hovering right around the top 20 with a few singles. His first record comes out later this spring and the timing looks great because people are going to be talking about the kid that wrote 1994.

Joe Diffie

Joe Diffie 1994

Joe Diffie is back!

Not that he needs a revival in his career, but Joe Diffie is about to see one in a big way.

When this song hits the airwaves people are immediately going to start searching for Joe Diffie online. His songs will get downloaded more than ever. Radio stations will get requests for the classics like John Deere Green and Pickup Man. It’s going to be big time.

I saw Joe Diffie for the first time in concert two summers ago. The man still has the chops to play a great show. Fans were loving all his classic songs. Now he’s going to get a boost.

I’m hoping he can turn that into a great new album with even more hits.

1994 is just getting released now, but I’m excited for it to be a hit.

The video could be amazing.

So could the performance at the ACMs. Just sayin’…

Come on y’all. Let’s jump in the time machine. :puts on sunglasses on:

Chart Estimate: #1

CML Points: 88/100

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