Jason Aldean Night Train Album Review

Jason Aldean-Night Train

Jason Aldean-Night Train

Well, Jason Aldean might have done it… many have been doubting the possibility of his ability to top his “My Kinda Party” album (reigning CMA and Billboard album of the year) but this “Night Train” thing that he’s got going on is definitely making music lovers want to hop aboard! He is having one hell of a year, with selling out every single one of his shows of his “My Kinda Party” tour and breaking over 40 venue attendance records, with the help of his tour-mate and hunting buddy, Luke Bryan.

Jason makes it apparent with his fifth album that he is not afraid to try new things, especially with having 15 tracks on the album. All with the possibility of being huge hits. He has always seemed to be a risk taker and why stop now? Especially when he has the confidence built up from his past successes off of his My Kinda Party album including rap hit-“Dirt Road Anthem” and “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Kelly Clarkson.


Jason brings it in close to his fans with his opening track “This Nothin’ Town” singing “It might look a little laid back to ya but it ain’t all just porches and plows”-a song that anybody from a small town can relate to. He touches on relationships at every view with his intimate “When She Says Baby” and turns to his tender side for “Staring At The Sun“, and “Talk”. I must admit that Jason can pull off singing a lonely song like no other artist can with “I Don’t Do Lonely Well“.

He cowboys up for a tune with his buddies Luke Bryan and Eric Church on “The Only Way I know” and keeps it up with his current hit single “Take A Little Ride“. He also included a song that you won’t want to skip over…a deep, intense story of a stripper’s life, “Black Tears“, written by fellow Florida Georgia Line member Tyler Hubbard, and Canaan Smith. Kudos to them… because it is a very well written song.

Jason keeps up with his “Dirt Road Anthem” attitude from his last album, with “1994″. A real catchy hip-hoppy tune written by rising country artist, Thomas Rhett. You’ll for sure find yourself singing “Joe, Joe, Joe Diffffiee” at random times during the day.

He sums up this past year of life on the road with a Bon Jovi-feeling song, “Wheels Rollin”, which is a lot like Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page”.  You know that Jason is loving the way his life is turning out when he sings the chorus, “Another town, another stage. I wouldn’t have it any other way” and I am sure Jason is trying to soak in the success that he will be having from this album. If you haven’t bought it yet, it is definitely one that you should go and get! You can find it almost anywhere, even in the liquor section of Wal-Mart next to his sponsor-Coors Light.

 Track List

1. This Nothin’ Town

2. When She Says Baby

3. Feel That Again

4. Wheels Rollin’

5. Talk

6. The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)

7. Take A Little Ride

8. I Don’t Do Lonely Well

9. Night Train

10. 1994

11. Staring At The Sun

12. Drink One For Me

13. Black Tears

14. Walking Away

15. Water Tower

Billboard Track-by-track album review:


Favorite tracks:
Staring At The Sun
When She Says Baby
Night Train 

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