Twinkle by JD McPherson

JD McPherson

Is this a new holiday classic from JD McPherson?

A hat tip goes once again to CMT Edge for showing the way on this JD McPherson holiday song.

It has to be really difficult for artists to create holiday songs because there are the classics that everybody knows and wants to hear. It’s pretty rare for a new holiday song to come along and have traction with the fans because they’re so endeared to the traditional songs. I don’t know if this one is going to become a classic, but it’s a nice change of pace.

Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights) – JD McPherson

The music is rockabilly and it sure makes sense once you hear this song. The song never lets up the entire time and in a flash you’re through the song and you feel like you just heard a classic Christmas song from the ’50s.

It’s really a sweet song in the way it sounds and the few lyrics you make out are sweet as well. There is a proposal going on in the song with the diamond twinkling in the lights of the tree. From what I can gather it’s about love during the holidays and really there is nothing better than spending the Christmas season with the one you love the most.

This was a successful new holiday song from JD McPherson. It’s not an easy task to create something original for the holidays, but I’m glad to see that some artists are still out there doing it and doing it well.

CML Points: 80/100

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