Lovin’ Lazy by Jenna Jentry

Jenna Jentry

Jenna Jentry is ready for her first hit.

We have another new independent artist here on CML. This time Jenna Jentry is the artist and she has her debut single ready. Once again this highlights the great time we live in where independent artists can create and release music on their own. The labels aren’t as necessary as they once were although when things show promise the labels step in and take things to the next level.

Check out this song and see if you think Jenna is headed for the big time.

Lovin’ Lazy – Jenna Jentry

This is a good song. First, the track is catchy. There is a good melody there that gets your feet tapping. That’s the most important thing for a song and it’s even more important for a new artist. It seems like you need something snappy and catchy when you’re a new artist. It needs to be different to really get you noticed. The country audience is picky. They want to hear something different and interesting and they’ll play the heck out of it if it’s good enough.

The song topic is also something that’s really great. I’m sure it’s been touched on in songs before, but the topic of taking love for granted is really interesting. I think it can happen to anyone in a relationship. You put in tons of effort in the early dating days and then maybe you relax a little bit and there are hard feelings. I don’t think it’s done on purpose, but it can happen. You just get content and get lazy.

That’s what this song is about and that’s a really interesting topic.

I’m curious to see how well this track does. I think it could do really well.

What do you think?

CML Points: 74/100

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