Jessica Ridley is Flaming Red

Sometimes we need time for ourselves.

Country newcomer Jessica Ridley is ready for country radio and her latest song has her flaming read. She’s sick of the world around her. She’s ready to put in a little me time with her favorite things.

And you know what else?

She might even dye her hair Flaming Red

Flaming Red – Jessica Ridley

What do you think?

Jessica RidleyJessica isn’t the kind of country artist you’re probably used to. She’s a little more pop than she is traditional country. From my perspective that’s ok. She seems to be singing about what she’s feeling. She’s a young woman that’s sick of what life is throwing at her these days.

When we get frustrated don’t we all feel like heading home and spending time with Number One?

Sometimes there is nothing better than spending time at home and for most women that means taking a nice long, warm bath, skipping a leg shave, skipping the makeup, eating a bunch of Oreos and maybe even dyeing hair flaming read.

I was thinking again about what it takes for a country artist to find that first hit at radio. From my perspective it seems like a new artists needs to have a song that is so different from everything else on radio. The song needs to have a familiar theme while sounding very different from anything else on radio.

Flaming Red, to me, has that kind of sound. It’s definitely pop-country, but I think that’s ok sometimes. It’s a catchy song with sing along lyrics. Even if you don’t think much of it you’ll find yourself knowing the lyrics by the end of the song.

Jessica Ridley isn’t making music every country fan will like, but I’ll say she’s got at least one fan here at Country Music Life.

What about you?

Dayne Shuda

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