The Important Things for Joey and Rory

Joey + RoryJoey + Rory haven’t had much success on the country singles charts since Cheater, Cheatercracked the top 30 two years ago already.

Since that time the duo has been busy out on the road supporting their first album. Now they’ve been busy touring to support Album Number Two. The second single from the new record seems to have some legs at radio. It’s another great tune from the simple country duo. It has a chance to become their second charting song on the country charts.

That’s Important To Meis the name of the new song. It’s another great tune penned by Rory Lee Feek. He’s such a great songwriter with many great songs to his credit like Some Beachand The Chain Of Love.

Joey’s voice is something special in country music. She has such a wholesome sounding voice. If you could pick one person to sing you to sleep each night it would be Joey. Her voice is soothing on this song and it kind of takes you to a place way out in the country. Some peaceful little country farmhouse with only the wind blowing in the fields is the picture I get in my head when I listen to this song.

The song is about the simple things in life that are important only to the people experiencing them. Simply being a good husband and mother. That’s important to Joey and to many others out there in the country world.

This is a great song from two of the most special people in country music. I think it has a chance to become their next charting hit and I sure hope it gets there because this is the kind of song country needs – simple, wholesome, and positive.

Not only is the simple country life important to Joey + Rory, it’s important to this writer and hopefully a few of you out there as well.

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That’s Important To Me – Joey + Rory

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  1. robert bergmann says

    I think Sean Hennedy, should use “That’s Important To Me” song frequently on his radio show.

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