Flashback Friday: No Mans Land

1995 was a huge year for John Michael Montgomery.

John MichaelJMM really came out of nowhere it seemed with his first hit back in 1992. After he hit it big with his first song he quickly racked up huge hit after huge hit. He was especially known for his ballads.

In 1995 John released his very successful self-titled third album. The first two singles from the album had already gone to number one on the country singles charts when the third – No Man’s Land – was released toward the late summer.

The song was a bit of an unlikely choice for a single. It dealt with an uneasy topic may have not seemed accessible on the surface. The melody was good. John Michael put his heart and soul into the song and the story connected with country fans.

No Man’s Land reached #3 on the charts not long after its release and remains one of my personal favorite JMM songs.

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No Man’s Land – John Michael Montgomery

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Last summer my girlfriend surprised me with tickets to John Michael Montgomery’s show just south of where we live in Wisconsin. We drove down to the casino where the show was being held in the evening and got situated for the 7pm show.

Yes – it was at a casino and I think I lost twenty or so at the blackjack tables before. I was never very good at gambling.

Anyway, the show was great, but JMM didn’t play No Man’s Land. I was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t surprise me. When you have over 30 singles to choose from there need to be a few exceptions in the 90 minute set.

No Man’s Land has always been one of my personal favorite John Michael songs. Initially it was the groovy melody that captured my attention. JMM also seemed to put a little extra emotion into this song.

As I listened to the song closer over the years I realized what the topic was – the troubled life of some single mothers. The song is about how women can struggle to raise their kids after they are separated from their husbands or fathers. Whatever the situation is there are numerous single mothers out there. They have to give all their time, it seems, to their kids. There is little time left for dating or finding a new love to spend time with.

There is so much depth to this song. It goes way behind the good melody and passionate vocals. The song truly sounds different than other songs. Even today the song would stand out at radio.

John Michael is still one of the great country artists. He may not have the hits at radio like he did back in the ’90s, but the songs he released back then still sound strong today. He had a good formula for music. If you have the chance to see him I’d recommend checking out the show.

You’ll recognize a number of the classic love songs, but there is more to JMM than the dimples and pure country voice.

There is heart behind the music of John Michael Montgomery.

Nowhere is that heart more evident than No Man’s Land.

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