Comin’ Around by Josh Thompson

Is Josh Thompson ready for his second album?

Josh Thompson

It seems like he is. The second album is just about ready and Josh has the first single all set for release. The song has the same Josh Thompson feel yet it’s got something new to offer. Any Josh Thompson fan should love the new single. Check out Comin’ Around

Comin’ Around – Josh Thompson

Josh Thompson gathered three hits from his debut album.

The first cracked the top 20. The second made the top 15 and a third made the top 25. It was a solid debut for Josh. He brought a little rough edged traditional sound back to country music. He’s been building a solid fanbase for some time and seems like he’s ready to continue making some great music.

With his next single Josh is staying true to who he is. Comin’ Around┬áis about a guy that’s just coming around to the way life should be lived. It seems the guy in the song has been figuring out how life should be going. He’s been struggling with a few mistakes, but I think that’s how we all live. I don’t think we even get past that stage really. We just kind of figure things out enough along the way and get better every day.

The guy in the song heads out on his own at first. He looks for a point to life. He looks for all the answers, but in the end he realizes he’s coming around to the life his folks lived for him and the way their folks lived before them. He’s coming around to the country way of life where things are a bit slower and the people are just about the best in the world.

The guy is still a ways from completely changing his big dreaming ways, but he’s coming around to how he should be living now that he’s becoming an adult. For some of us it takes hitting those late 20s and early 30s (or maybe even later) before we slow down and really become what we’re going to be. I think it’s a good thing to slow down a bit. We find a great girl. We raise up a family and we keep on shooting for those dreams through it all. It’s a good way to live and it’s worked for everyone in our families for years and years.

I think people are going to like Comin’ Around. Josh Thompson has his own sound. His vocals and his laid back country is something a little different from other sounds on country radio and I think that’s the best thing for an artist to have. The second album is a milestone for any artist and Josh seems to be ready to take things a little further with this album.

What do you think of the song?

Will this be Josh’s first top ten? I think it has a chance. I think Josh will continue to grow as an artist and I think he’ll find even more success with this record. I like what he’s doing with his music and he’s on his way to growing a bigger audience.

Chart Estimate: #10

CML Points: 80/100

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