Justin Moore Wishes He Could Visit Heaven

Justin Moore is confident and full of good music.

Justin MooreAfter a successful first album with a number one song and three other charting hits Justin Moore is back with a new single. The upcoming album is not yet ready for release, but the new single is already on its way up the charts.

If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away is not the uptempo kind of in-your-face song as a few of Justin’s previous songs. This one sees Justing thinking about the family and friends that have passed on in life. He’s thinking about what he’d do if he could still visit them today. It’s a though provoking song and if any of the listeners out there have lost someone they have probably felt this same way.

If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away is that kind of slow, emotional song in the same vein as Small Town USA. It’s a reflective song where listeners can take someone else’s story and put their own stories in their mind. Songs like this give listeners the chance to think and reflect about their own lives.

Justin Moore has surprised a few people I think. Some thought his country twang was a little too country (if that’s possible) for country radio. Justin doesn’t hold anything back though and remains true to himself. You gotta respect that about him and if you don’t like it you can just change the channel.

Justin is building a good fanbase though and with a single like this perhaps his sophomore album will have the momentum to make gold status.

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