Red, White and Beautiful by Kaley Caperton

Kaley Caperton

Kaley Caperton has a great new single with more meaning than other songs.

I was surprised by how many high school dropouts there are in the US.

That’s the theme of this new song from Kaley Caperton.

It turns out she’s a pretty young artist, but age really isn’t important when it comes to music. Young stars have shown they have plenty of life experience and understanding to put out great music. That’s just what Kaley Caperton has done with this new song.

Watch it and see what you think.

Red, White and Beautiful – Kaley Caperton

This song obviously has a purpose.

That purpose is raising awareness for a program created by the National Guard that gives young adults and kids a chance to correct their path in life. We all make mistakes and poor decisions in life. Sometimes those decisions have long lasting effects. One such example would be dropping out of school.

Everybody’s situation is different so we won’t try to generalize dropping out, but it’s important to note that many people later in life wish they would go back to school if they could.

This song is about that chance to go back and make a better life. It’s a positive song about the chance you can take to make your life better. We just need something or someone to give us that chance.

It’s a good song too. Kaley’s voice is strong and the song has good melody. It’s one you can feel as you listen even the first time.

This is a good song for Kaley. It was a good risk doing a song like this because it should get some great attention as she builds her fanbase and grows her career.

CML Points: 82/100

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