Better In A Black Dress by Katie Armiger

Katie Armiger

Is this finally the first hit for Katie Armiger?

This song caught me off guard. Katie Armiger has been featured on CML before. She’s been busy releasing songs over the last few years. It’s actually been more than a few years I guess. Right away this song sounded different, though. It’s great.

Better In A Black Dress – Katie Armiger

I always think it’s kind of fun to watch these live performances. Here we have one of the best yet one of the unknown artists playing her heart out up on stage. The song is really something. Katie has been doing this a long time and I think she may have finally stumbled on the song that gets her into the top 30 on the country charts.

The song is about a breakup. The girl in the song is hitting the road and getting away from her boyfriend. He was ready to get hitched and she wasn’t. She still has some living to do. She’s not ready to settle down. It was time to call it quits as soon as that came into play. I’m sure there are a few gals out there that feel this way. Their guys are ready to pull in the reins and settle down.

Life isn’t all about settling down. There is a lot to do before calling it quits with the single part of life. The woman in the song was fine with the way things were going and he had to go and screw it all up. Or maybe he did her a favor by proposing because now she can be back out on her own.

This song is really cool. It’s like a cross between Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. There is an attitude to go along with this song. Tanya Tucker could have played this song about 30 years ago. It’s awesome to have this kind of music out there on radio.

What do you think of Katie’s new song?

Chart Estimate: #25

CML Points: 85/100

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