Beautiful Pain by Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons Beautiful Pain Album

Keaton Simons has been building a strong fanbase and there is much anticipation about his new album.

Keaton Simons has been working hard to build his career.

He has a new collection of great songs and it seems like his career will continue heading upward throughout this year.

There are many different ways to get recognition and to break through in music today. You don’t need songs on the radio.

Keaton has had songs on movies and on TV shows. People know about him and he’s starting to really build his fanbase.

His music is good and you’ll want to check out this album.

Album Review: Beautiful Pain by Keaton Simons

Keaton Simons has a unique sound and perspective on life. It’s something that comes through on this entire album.

1. Thrill Of It All

This is a great way to start out the record. It’s about hope and love. This song is catchy. It’s something you want to listen to and enjoy. It’s a happy song. Happy can be good too when it comes to music.

2. The Medicine

This song sounds like it could have come out in 1995. It has that rock or grunge type of feel. It reminds me of middle school. I really like it.

3. If I Hadn’t Forgotten

It’s about a guy that is kind of struggling with the loss of his girl. They went separate ways and he can’t really get over that fact. He’s looking back on what he did wrong and what he should have done different.

4. Beautiful Pain

This is the title track and the first single. For some reason I feel like I’ve heard this song somewhere before. It’s a really good song. I like it.

5. Black & White

This one is different. There are really unique sounds on this record. They all find a way to make sense together, but they are all so different too. It’s a really interesting record.

6. Hearts Don’t Break Themselves

The guy here is trying to talk to a girl about love and how it all works. He’s trying to help her get out of a bad situation.

7. Is There Any Other Way

There is a really big sound to this song. You feel like it’s this huge sweeping ballad. It’s a good song and like the others on this record it’s different.

8. Other Side

We all have a different side to us. Not everyone always realizes it, but we do our best to try to get them to know who we really are.

9. Gonna Shine Brighter

This is a great song. It’s fun and catchy. It’s something you can sing along with as you listen. Even the first time you play it you feel like you can sing along with the chorus.

10. You’re The Spark

This one has kind of a lounge feel. The songs on this album are all so diverse. It’s really great.

11. Inspiration

You can tell there is a lot of feeling and emotion behind this song.

12. Read My Mind

The slowest song on the entire record comes toward the end. It’s another interesting song that doesn’t really sound like any of the others on the album. It’s an interesting perspective on how people kind of dance around each other even though they’re both having the same feelings.

13. Notice Me

Everybody wants to be noticed in life. The person changes, but we all want to be noticed for the most part.

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