Keith Urban Sings Without You

After first listening to these lyrics I thought this new song from Keith Urban had to be self written.

Keith Urban Get CloserTo my surprise, Without You, was not written by Keith, but the lyrics still seem to fit his life perfectly and I’m sure that’s why he chose to record the song.

Without You is about love for a woman that’s stood by the narrator’s side. In this case Keith sings about traveling, singing, and doing all the great things that comes with his life, but he acknowledges it all means nothing without his family. It’s his wife and his now two kids.

Without You actually seems to have quite simple music in the background. At least to my amateur ear it sounds simple, relaxed and I think it fits the song well. My favorite part of the song is toward the end when Keith sings about knowing he’d probably be able to live life without his love, but that he’d just be going through the motions.

Keith Urban has been singing a lot about love over the past couple albums. Before that he came out with a very popular darker album and songs like Stupid Boy. Those had their place, but these upbeat tracks about love and all that sappy stuff seem to be doing just as well.

What do you think of the new song from Keith Urban?

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Without You – Keith Urban

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  1. Sue Ann says

    I love Without You and I do think it is simple and catchy and pure and honest. Even if Keith didn’t write it, his total commitment to his life and this song comes through in his beautiful interpretation of this song.

  2. Alice says

    Keith Urban’s magnificent, passionate voice, a beautiful violin, a little guitar and true, honest lyrics make truly Beautiful music. The thing about this song is it is NOT sappy, it is true, it is not flowery, it is honest and it is performed with a passion that has to touch every person listening in some way. As the reviewer said songs like Stupid Boy have their place, but thank heavens that real love and the expression of love and a need to appreciate that love has a very important place as well!
    Love this song and Keith Urban’s desire to be true to the song!

  3. Sonica says

    I love this song…It is so close to Keiths life and his voice sounds so pure and raw. What gets to me is also that Keith did not even write this song…But he made someones song his own.

  4. without you says

    Hey lovers of the song “without you” I some years back I went to a songwriting seminar hosted by one of the songwriting organizations and a local country radio station, they had us send in two songs to see if our songs were good enough to be invited to the conference this conference took place in Philadelphia,Mississippi after reviewing my songs I was invited,one of the songs I presented was called “Nothing without you” which I wrote it hoping one day to place it with R.Kelly R&B SINGER in which the song was an R&B song.Well one day I was Flipping channels to different stations and landed on cmt video station and what caught my eye was the title “without You” well I listened to the song and watched the video and to my surprised the song mimcs my R&B song nothing without you and the video also but i will let you be the judge if you want to know more drop me a line @ martjimy[at]

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