Keith Urban Song Timeline

Keith Urban is one of country’s biggest stars.

Keith Urban Greatest HitsSince his first US country hit in 1999 Keith has been a mainstay on the country singles charts. His songs have all been in the top ten actually save his first hit song that peaked at #18. Even that song is probably well remembered by many fans. Sometimes it’s just hard for those first time artists to break out with a huge hit.

Here is a little infographic of Keith’s hit song timeline over his entire career.

Keith Urban Song Timeline

Keith Urban Song Timeline

The data is from Keith’s Wikipedia Discography page. I use that resource quite a bit for all artist information. I assume people have filled it out fairly accurate for most uses on CML.

You can also view the data below.

Keith Urban Song Data

There are a few interesting points from Keith’s song history.

  1. Keith’s first #1 song was 2000’s But For The Grace of God and really didn’t look back for five years. He was on top of the world during those years including his Entertainer of the Year awards. This run included hits like Somebody Like You, You’ll Think Of Me, and Better Life. It was good to be Keith Urban on the professional front during this run.
  2. Keith set the bar high so his run from 2006 through 2007 was not mediocre by any measure except for the high standards he’d set with his previous hits. There was a bit of a dip during that time, but Keith’s fans knew he’d come back strong.
  3. In 2008 Keith was back on top of the charts starting with You Look Good In My Shirt and he really hasn’t looked back below the #3 spot since.

This was just some interesting data I thought might be interesting in a chart format. If you think so please feel free to share.

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