Pirate Flag by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney Pirate Flag

This song was a hit from the moment it was released.

Kenny Chesney is back with new music. The man doesn’t seem to ever stop working. There was that one summer when he kind of took things off, but really he stay pretty busy.

In an era when there is usually at least 18 months (except for Toby Keith) in between albums we’re lucky enough to get more music from Kenny. The first single is already a huge hit in just its first week of release.

Pirate Flag – Kenny Chesney

Here’s an observation I have about country music and really about music in general.

The life of a professional musician is typically relatively short. You’re pretty lucky if you can get a hit or two. If you get a handful you’re in pretty select company and for someone like Kenny Chesney to have nearly 20 years of hits it’s pretty remarkable.

I think the reason those with long lasting success is melody. The artists that can write melodies or find songs with catchy melodies are the ones that find lasting success in the music industry.

Themes and topics of songs change or sometimes don’t really change all that much. The art of finding a great melody doesn’t seem to change either and Kenny Chesney has a way to find something catchy and he’s done it again on this one.

Pirate Flag is incredibly personal for Kenny. It’s the story of his love affair with the island life.

It’s been no secret that Kenny loves the islands. We kind of got peeks of it in the late ’90s and as he got huge in the ’00s he made no bones about being in love with the island life.

I suppose it’s been working for Jimmy Buffett for 40 years so there’s no reason it can’t work for Kenny.

The hardest working man in country music has the big machine working again heading into the summer and fans have the most to gain.

Chart Estimate: #1

CML Points: 83/100

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