Kenny Chesney Remembers The Boys of Fall

Kenny ChesneyKenny Chesney is back with a new single.

The Boys of Fall is a tribute to the football players that take the fields all over America each season. The fall is the time of year for America’s favorite sport to take center stage. From the pee-wee leagues to high school to college to the NFL, football is America’s sport and Kenny Chesney’s new song takes a memorable look at the hometown heroes that play the game.

The release of the new single coincides with a new film documentary Chesney put together highlighting the lessons kids can learn from playing football.

Chesney told CMT in Kenny Chesney Tackles Boys of Fall Documentary:

“I now know why we practiced longer, why our coach put us through double practices in the summer heat… all those things he put us through,” Chesney says. “It was to teach us things me and everybody on our team has used to become the people we are.”

The song The Boys of Fall is another Chesney song that looks back on life with fond memory. The song is a slow moving tribute to the guys that suit up each weekend to play in the big game. The crowd watches and cheers. The boys in the game yearn to play well for their parents, friends, and coaches. The players learn to work as a team in order to succeed on and off the field.

As training camps begin across the nation this summer, Chesney’s The Boys of Fall will likely serve as the soundtrack and maybe as a little extra motivation for the players.

Listen and share your thoughts on the new tune.

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Is it another smash hit for the country superstar?

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