Kip Moore Misses The Marrying Kind

You will know Kip Moore by this summer.

Kip MooreThis country newcomer has a single just out at radio that is surprising country fans and insiders. Kip’s song is about the girl us blind guys tend to overlook when we’re kids. High school boys are usually pretty dumb to begin with and the story of Mary Was The Marrying Kind is probably more common than a lot of other stories in the lives of guys.

Mary Was The Marrying Kind is about a guy that overlooks a girl when they’re young. Mary was the girl that was a bit tall and lanky. She hadn’t quite grown into her body. She was smart and fun and for whatever reason everybody overlooked her. A few years later the narrator sees Mary again. Now she’s a knockout looker. She’s confident and smart. She’s witty and fun.

Talk about blowing it.

We’re all a little awkward in high school. We make mistakes. We think we know it all and we usually make a lot of poor choices including overlooking the smart, funny, and soon to be knockout girl in class. Kip’s Mary Was The Marrying Kind takes a look at the overlooked girl and how she turns into the affection of everyone’s eye only a few years later.

The song is not only a great story. The track has a great melody. There are some great hooks. I was listening to the song with my girlfriend. She wasn’t really listening, but she got up to go to the kitchen and started singing the chorus. That’s the sign of a song that gets stuck in your head.

The track reminds me a little bit of Carlene by Phil Vassar…

This song is going to be a hit.

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