A Woman Like You by Lee Brice

Lee Brice had one of the biggest singles of the last two years with Love Like Crazy. Since then he’s been busy working on his next record. Now he’s ready to release the next single. And it could just become his next big hit. Check out A Woman Like You

Woman Like You – Lee Brice

The first thing I notice about A Woman Like You is the more laid back, subdued sound from Lee Brice. On the first few tracks from him he was pretty out there in the vocals. He was gravely and really singing hard. It worked on those singles, but this is a new style from Lee Brice. There are hints of that gravel in the throat, but for the most part Lee stays pretty easy going and it works well on this record.

A Woman Like YouThe song is charming. A Woman Like You is about a man and woman. They’re sitting around one night watching TV. Out of the blue the woman asks her man what he’d be doing if they weren’t together. I’m not sure exactly why but women seem to wonder this question along with many other questions from time to time.

The man doesn’t hesitate to think about what he’d be doing if he were single. He would probably watch more football, drink more beer, and have more time to spend out on the town with the guys. At first, it comes off as if the guy is almost wanting to go back to that lifestyle, but as the song the song moves on we learn the guy was really doing all those things as he worked to find the woman of his dreams.

But since he’s already found her he’s moved on to the good part of his life – being with her.

This song made my jaw hit the desk. When I heard the lyrics it floored me. My girlfriend has asked me this question before. Every time she’s asked about what my life was like before I met her I always have said I drank a little more, spent more time with friends, and spent more time out and about on the weekend nights. And I love golf so I probably spent more time golfing.

But while I was doing all those things I was really just looking for a woman to love. One day I was lucky enough to find that person and all the other stuff didn’t seem as important anymore. I’m not sure what happened, but it makes sense. I don’t do all the weekend stuff with the guys anymore. I’m not out looking for a good time like single folks. That was fun and all, but really I was just out looking for someone.

Now, life is good and I’ve found the woman. And she even golfs. My own golf game isn’t too good still, but I enjoy it. And I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend. We have more fun than I ever had while single.

Man A Woman Like You is a great song from Lee Brice. I’m hoping it goes number one. I think it has a chance. I’ll guess top five.

Amazing song. I wish I’d have written it. It’s my own story after all.

Chart Estimate: #5

CML Points: 80/100

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