There’s Still A Place For That by Levi Riggs

Levi Riggs

Levi Riggs is looking for his first big hit.

I like new artists. There are tons of new artist out there just on the edge of signing some kind of deal that gets them in front of the mainstream country audience. The great thing about the Internet and today’s world is that anybody can really release music. Sure, much of it is not good, but for the most part we get some really great music that we might not otherwise hear.

Here is a great example. Check out this new song from newcomer Levi Riggs.

There’s Still A Place For That – Levi Riggs

It’s catchy. You can tell there is room for growth here. Levi is just singing about the good country life. You can imagine this as your own life and probably see yourself hanging out with a guy like Levi.

I’m sure Levi has been busy with his music for quite a few years. I use the word newcomer here quite a bit on CML, but I realize these artists have been working for a long time and they likely have large fanbases already established. I just use newcomer in the sense that these folks are just on the edge of breaking out into the mainstream country world.

I think there is room here for growth and maybe even some hits for Levi. The talent is raw, but the song has hooks. You can sing along with it and that’s really important. You don’t always get that with new artists.

What do you think of Levi Riggs and his new song?

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CML Points: 75/100

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