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Liana Conway

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Liana Conway is a new artist to me. I hadn’t ever heard of her before, but she has a new single and video out and it already has a ton of views out on YouTube. You need to pay attention when artists are getting that kind of attention. Here is the song – Free – from Liana Conway. Check it out and see what you think.

Free – Liana Conway

There is a mixture of pop and country in this song. I’m not sure if Liana and her team are shooting for the country audience, but it sounds like today’s country music. You could easily put this on country radio and see it get some requests. Free would fit right in with songs from Taylor Swift, Jana Kramer and other female artists of today.

My overall impression of the song is that it’s good. I like the laid back feeling. The lyrics provide a clear vision of a life you live when you’re young and growing up as a young adult. You feel like the world is yours. You have the whole future ahead of you. For the most part you have few responsibilities and there is just nothing that can hold you back.

This is a good song. I’m not sure how much you’ll hear it on the traditional country outlets, but that’s not where things are going in the future. The new way for artists to established themselves is online by having their songs heard on sites like this and on YouTube and their own websites. It already seems like Liana is doing that to a large degree. People love this song.

What do you think of Free?

Is it a big hit?

CML Points: 80/100

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