Pontoon by Little Big Town

Little Big Town

Slow Down The Party This Summer

Get ready to party in slow motion this summer.

I always look forward to new music from Little Big Town. They have a sound that is entirely their own. No other act is like them in country or rock or pop. They are unique and they make good, catchy music. Need evidence? Check out their upcoming single…

Pontoon – Little Big Town

You’ve never heard a song like this before.

When I heard the title for this song I shook my head and smiled. Pontoon? How has nobody written this song before? It’s an amazing topic. I’ve spent plenty of time just cruising around the lakes on the pontoon. You just cruise along at a slow pace. Life is slow. There ain’t no hurry. It’s great.

This song is perfect for the topic. It moves along nice and slow as you would expect. There is no hurry to get this song moving along fast. You can put it on and just cruise along as the waves crash up against those big shiny pontoons. It’s time for chilling with friends and family. Kick back and enjoy the sun shining down. You’re going to be here for a while.

Every summer country artists release songs they feel will become the summer anthem of the year. Sometimes they swing and miss and other times they hit home runs. I’m not sure if Pontoon┬áis going to be the biggest hit of the summer, but it’s certainly going to be a favorite. I can already see the people gearing up their boats at the cabins for the Fourth of July weekend. This song will be blasting out of the speakers all over the lakes across the USA.

Little Big Town has had an interesting career. They struggled to find their ground for a bit. Then they hit it big. Then they disappeared from the charts for just a short time and came back a couple years ago with a huge hit.

It’s about time for another big hit. I think they’ve found it with Pontoon.

What do you think?

Chart Estimate: #20

CML Points: 80/100

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