The Countdown by Lonestar


Lonestar is back with a great new single.

Now here is some great country music. After five years, the band Lonestar is back with the original lineup (minus John Rich). The foursome that made the band famous with Amazed and other top hits is celebrating 20 years together as a band. They have a new single just hitting radio today and it sounds like another hit.

The Countdown – Lonestar

I love this song.

What’s been great about Lonestar during the later part of their career is how they’ve been able to sing about relevant topics. Here the guys have a song about being in love, but it’s a love song for their age. They’re singing about what it’s like to be in love and away from the person you care about most. You’re counting down the days until you’re back with them.

In today’s business world we probably find ourselves away from the person or the family we love. We’re out on the road for work and it’s difficult to stay focused when you can’t be with the person you care about most. I think the excitement of coming home and seeing them is captured in this song.

It’s great to have Lonestar back in action. One of the first concerts I ever saw was in the summer of 2001 (I think). It was at the Central Wisconsin State Fair in Wausau. They were great. It was at the peak of their success and the fans were all going crazy. It’s strange to think that it’s been over ten years since then, but the band sounds as great as ever.

I’m excited to see how they do on this run. They’re back together and they still sound great. It’s like they never left and I hope they can find some fire on the charts. I think they’re doing this without major label support, but quite a few acts have been able to take songs up the charts as independent acts. If you have songs like The Countdown I think it’s a little easier.

What do you think of the new song?

Is Lonestar back?

Chart Estimate: #15

CML Points: 83/100

For updates and tour information be sure to checkout the official Lonestar website.

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