After Facing an Uncertain Future, Love & Theft Are Back

Love and Theft

A New Beginning for Love & Theft

Stephen and Eric make up the duo Love & Theft.

If you listen to the radio these days you’ve probably heard their single Angel Eyes. It’s a great track that has been a surprise hit of 2012. Well, maybe it’s not a surprise for those that have been following the guys for the last few years.

The duo first appeared on the scene back in 2009. They were part of the Lyric Street record label in Nashville. Actually the guys were part of Carolwood, which was a sister label to Lyric Street. The guys were looking at big success. Lyric Street had launched the careers of artists like Josh Gracin and Rascal Flatts.

After releasing their first single Runaway in 2009 the guys saw it climb all the way to #15 on the charts. It was a big time hit for a new act. A second single followed and entered the top 25 on the charts. The debut album was released and reached the top 10 on the country charts. Things were going well and the band was just getting started.

But then Disney decided to close its country division. The acts had to find new homes. Rascal Flatts managed to continue rolling, but even they had some internal issues, which are now coming to light (they’re doing great right now by the way).

Love & Theft was out on the street and after a promising debut they were looking at possibly missing out on their shot at a career in country music. It had to be difficult to work for an entire lifetime only to have this kind of circumstance come about.

Oh yeah. Did I mention the guys started out a trio and lost of their members after the label went under?

Those odds were stacked against them as they headed into 2010 and 2011. But sometime in 2011 the guys signed up with RCA Nashville. Now it’s been about six months since the release of Angel Eyes and the guys are looking at a top ten hit. It’s the biggest of their career thus far.

Recently Stephen and Eric sat down in front of the cameras to discuss the new album. They’re excited about the songs and are really pumped for their fans to hear them all. If you like Angel Eyes the guys assure you that you’ll enjoy the rest of the record. There are stories on the album including songs that the guys have written themselves along with other great writers on the country scene.

What I think is important for any new-ish artist is to sound a little different. I think Love & Theft certainly sound different than other acts on the country radio scene right now. The guys have these incredible songs that are stories about life and people. The tracks are real and these two guys are real. It’s obvious they love making music and with their pop-rock-country sound they are different enough to be interesting.

There are great melodies in their music as evidenced by their first record and the single Angel Eyes. The guys are in the top ten for the first time and by the sounds of it they’re ready for a long career on the radio.

The new album comes out soon. Be sure to check it out and get all your updates at

Angel Eyes by Love & Theft

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