Do What Makes You Feel Good by Lucas Hoge

Lucas Hoge

A great new song from Lucas Hoge

Lucas Hoge has been kicking around for a few years now. From the sounds of his latest music it sounds like he’s really stumbling on a formula that works well for him. With this new track Lucas found a topic that is important to me: enjoying life. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Do What Makes You Feel Good – Lucas Hoge

I will say that the points I give this song are a little skewed, but only because I’m a big fan of enjoying life. Too often in the past I’ve been guilty of focusing on the negative things in life and being a bit of a complainer. The truth is that we all have a choice in life. If we don’t like our jobs we can quit. If we don’t like something we all have a choice to make a change and do the things that make us feel good. It really is that simple and if you feel differently there is no help out there for you. Enjoy your life of negativity and leave me alone.

That’s a little harsh. This track from Lucas is more upbeat and that’s great. He’s focusing on the things in life that make him happy. For him it’s a little bit of fishing and probably playing some great music. The melody is this song is great. The melody caught my attention at first. I thought it was going to be a Buffett/Chesney/Zac Brown Band-type island song at first, but it turned out to be different enough. I think that’s important. The island stuff is going a little too far, but that’s a topic for another post.

This is a great song. I’m not sure if we’ll see it on the country charts, but I hope so. Even if Lucas doesn’t make it on the charts I’m sure he has a growing number of fans that have heard his music life and on the web. That’s where I stumbled on this song and I’m really glad I did. It’s one of my favorites from the last few weeks.

What do you think?

CML Points: 82/100

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