Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye by Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan is a country superstar

Do you have a person in your life that is right for you in a few ways, but wrong for you in all the other ways? It’s frustrating. You work so well together on a few good things, but when it comes to really knowing each other and being right for each other things just don’t work out. That’s the story in the new single from Luke Bryan.

The man is on fire right now and it sounds like he’s got another number one hit on his hands. Check it out.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye – Luke Bryan

A quick note. I love these live videos. It cuts out at the end, but the beginning is interesting. It sounds like Luke thought this could be a single way back in January, but he’s since had two huge hits and now is a great time for this to be released.
Luke Bryan is blowing up right now. He’s been hanging around the last few years racking up the hits. Now he’s on a string of back to back number one singles and he’s become one of the superstars in country music. Next year he’ll be out on a headlining tour and making the big bucks. He’s got this new single out at radio and it sounds like it could be his biggest yet.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye is another string of songs about love from Luke. He’s been having trouble with the ladies over his entire career. That’s in the musical sense of course. It seems like he’s one of the happiest family guys out there. His songs, though, have a definite theme of love and fighting with what feels right and what is right.

On this song the struggle is with a woman that makes him feel good in a few ways with one being physical. But even when they’re together the two know that things would never work out for them as companions. It’s got to be a frustrating situation and I’m sure a few folks out there are feeling this way right now. They have someone in their life that makes them feel good in the moment, but not so good the next day.

In the end Luke plays the narrator in the song and just wants to think about the night again. He’s not ready for tomorrow. He just wants to forget about that and kiss it goodbye.

What do you think of the new single?

It sure sounds like a number one hit to me.

Chart Estimate: #1

CML Points: 86/100

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