Luke Bryan Loses His Baby

Luke BryanEarlier this summer I had the good fortune to hear Luke Bryan‘s latest single Someone Else Calling You Baby live in concert at Country Jam in Eau Claire, WI.

Someone Else Calling You Babyis another catchy tune from the southern entertainer. Luke has a way about him that kind of makes you like what he’s doing with his music. He seems humble on the exterior and his songs are sweet and charming.

This new track is about a guy noticing his former girlfriend is out with another guy. He doesn’t want to admit what is happening. He wants to hear it from here that things are over.

It hard to find out that things aren’t working out in a relationship like you had planned or even think they are going. It’s the worst when you don’t see the signs of a breakup and become surprised when someone leaves you.

That’s the case in this song. It’s a unique take on relationships and Luke performs the emotion in the song perfectly.

Another thing I like about Luke Bryan is his phrasing with lyrics. He seems to be on his way to mastering the art of writing words and phrases that seem new and fresh, but instantly make sense to people. It’s actually a difficult thing to do. Normally songs are filled with cliches and common phrases. The good songwriters are those that can write seemingly fresh lyrics yet still seem familiar to listeners.

What do you think of Luke’s new single?

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Luke Bryan – Someone Else Calling You Baby (Live)

I did the best I could to capture the song with my phone. It’s not bad actually and that’s to the credit of how well Luke and his band perform live.

I’m not sure if all artists like to have their shows taped, but I figured you have to break a few rules to enjoy life. And you can always support Bryan by buying his music and attending his shows.

Someone Else Calling You Baby – Luke Bryan

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