You’re Not Alone by Marie Miller

Marie Miller You're Not Alone

Will this be a huge hit for Marie Miller?

There are so many great artists out there.

It’s hard to imagine how fine the line is between those that make it big and those that kind of never see their breakthrough.

Marie Miller has obvious talent. It’s likely the result of working hard for her entire life. She has a great voice and she does really well on this new song, which she’s just released.

You’re Not Alone – Marie Miller

This is a really great song. It has a different sound. There is a little darkness in the sound and in the lyrics, but that darkness is not the point of the song.

The point seems to be that there is darkness in life. We all go through it, but it’s important to realize that you’re not alone. There is always someone out there that will listen to what you’re going through. They’ll help you get through it and they’ll be there for you.

This song seems to be about friendship, but it could be about any type of relationship. There are so many situations in life where we just need the help of someone out there. It doesn’t matter if they’re a friend, a family member or someone we haven’t even met yet.

This is a really great song. It seems to be gaining momentum. It could be a sleeper hit here in the next few months.

What do you think?

CML Points: 81/100

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